View Full Version : Getting Started ~ The Hardest Part

20th Jul 2004, 21:06
Well, downloaded DromEd and tried to follow a tutorial. I managed to read about 5-6 pages and do what it says. Even created a small room, which I was very proud of.
My question: How to keep going?:( Every time I read some pages, I'll get frustrated or something, because I really want to create something, become a DromEder. What do I have to keep telling myself to keep going and learn how to use the program?
If you, moderators, don't like the thread or find it irrelevant, delete it. This is a weird thread anyway, but I have this desperate need to create a good mission. That's basically it.

John D.
21st Jul 2004, 01:32
Just keep it simple and make a few cubes and pyramids first. I made several false starts over a few months before I finally got some architecture
going. My biggest challenge was figuring out how the different views in the
screens related to the view on the top left corner.

John D.
22nd Jul 2004, 11:50
Once you get the hang of the viewpoints, just start making a few rooms and connect them with tunnels. Dont worry about making a level yet, just focus on navigation through the editor, once you grasp that, then you can experiment with circles and pyramids and proceed from there.:)

Dark Raevin
22nd Jul 2004, 17:03
Is there another editor that I can use to create maps for Thief2 ?. Dromed is such a piece of *#@%, I find it hard to believe some people have made such beautiful missions with it. DoomEd was far easier to use. Yes I have been mapping that long. My favorite mapping tool now is UnRealEd and have made an 8 mission campaign for DeusEx (unfortunately lost last year due to a harddrive failure, but I'm starting another campaign). Using UnRealEd took some getting use to after mapping with QRadient for so long, but quickly understood the funtionallity for carving out the world for a solid block. With Dromed, you're stuck in 800x600, which looks dreadful on my 17" panel, and the controls for the operation polys are really clunky (I'm being generous). No wonder Richard Carlson said Dromed was very limiting, NO KIDDING Rich ! :rolleyes:. Not only that, its very glitchy and it keeps crashing my machine ( not CTD, it reboots my machine !) if I have my colour depth @ 32bit.

My Machine:
Water cooled Athlon XP 2500+ (@ stock speed for troubleshooting)
Abit KV7
512 Mb PC3200
ATi 9600XT w/ Cat 4.6 drivers
Western Dig 160 Gig SATA drive
WinXP Pro SP1

I love Thief 2 but if I can't map for it, I will just go back to DeusEx.

PS. For all of out there that want an editor for DeusEx2, don't hold your breath. Warren said hes not releasing one, so I doubt he ever will, same goes for Thief 3 .:mad: