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evil Garrett
20th Jul 2004, 13:51
I don't know how to make "Don't kill anybody" objective in DromED for T2.The first objective on my FM is stel an object, the second is the same thing. The both objectives are on normal difficulty.I want my third objective-don't kill anybody to be set on hard and expert difficulty level.
Please write down the things i must tipe on command field.
Thank you in advance!

21st Jul 2004, 12:58
quest_create_mis goal_state_2, 0
quest_create_mis goal_visible_2, 1
quest_create_mis goal_type_2, 2
quest_create_mis goal_target_2, -14
quest_create_mis goal_reverse_2, 1
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_2, 1

I did this in about 10 seconds using the Thief Objective Wizard. I highly recommend getting it from Dromed Central here (http://www.thief-thecircle.com/download.asp?fid=648).

The -14 for the objective's target is the Human archetype. You're effectively making an objective to kill a Human, but then reversing it so the objective is NOT to kill a human.

You make it only on Hard and Expert by setting the min_diff to 1 (0 is Easy). If you wanted it on Hard only, you would want also to set the max_diff to 1 so that it isn't an objective on Expert. To make it on Expert only, just set the min_diff to 2.

evil Garrett
21st Jul 2004, 18:06
Thanks a lot Yandros, that was helpfull.