View Full Version : after the meeting with 4 keepers

20th Jul 2004, 06:26
OK, I'm not really at some level ...I'm sort of wondering around the Stonemarket Plaza...etc.. I just had a meeting with the Keepers ( 4good ones) at the graveyard. They told me abt some kind of tunnel. So in my objectives it says that I have to goto the Keepers Library and find the tunnel. But I can't get there because all the marks on the walls are red.....may be I'm missing smt...cuz it's 3 am and I'm still playing...or I'm just confused.

20th Jul 2004, 07:38
Go back to the entrance of the Keeper Library, stand in front of the entrance and look up. Bingo...

20th Jul 2004, 13:05
I am having the same problem - I have searched everywhere and I can't get back to the Library either - Hope you get an answer so I am a follow you there - good luck

20th Jul 2004, 14:46
DreamEndless provided the answer. Highlight the blue area, and you'll see what to do.