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19th Jul 2004, 23:40
hello eveyone!!!!
i'm sorry to bother people with this stupid question but i'll go ahead anyway.

i've started to play AOD for the 2nd time and whilst i'm playing i.e. boaz level i find myself jumping around the room with the ps2 pad in hand( as if i'm the character) even when lara falls of a ledge my tummy churns. now does this just happen to me or am i to involved in the game.is there anyone out there who is having this problem????

(god!!! i need to get a life if i'm posting threads like this)chuckle,chuckle,ha ha ha :confused:

20th Jul 2004, 04:12
ahahaha! That's funny! I play on a computer so it would be pretty hard for me to run around the room at the same time :D I do however get so involved in the game sometimes that my heart beats a mile a minute. Do you really run around the room or just move around? I know when my sons play games on their PS2s they move around a lot but still remain seated. I think as long as you really don't think you ARE Lara, you have nothing to worry about. However if you do, seek help immediately :eek: anybody else have an opinion?

20th Jul 2004, 22:24
:D hi jeocan,

honestly whilst playing the game at some point i get up and start moving in the directions of the character , the other day i ended up standing on the fire grate(only 'cos i had nowhere else to run to) when lara is jumpnig my arms go up even when she looks around so do i, there must be some sort of medical term for this behaviour or is it because i'm totally crackers.


21st Jul 2004, 02:29
Ok now you're scaring me :eek:

21st Jul 2004, 16:33
ha ha he he *chukle chukle* i play on ps2 so as you can gues i move around 2. my tummy also goes upsidown wen i see lora fall and do that rag doll thing.(how she bends when shes on the floor after she falls from a great hight)

21st Jul 2004, 17:02
Well then I guess they should come up with a medical term for this. I forgot to mention my sons also play with their tongues out. I guess they play better that way? and....they're in their twenties! I told them they better be careful they might bite them off :eek: and they don't really play action games, usually just sports games....boring! Ok how about Laritis? or Croft syndrome?

21st Jul 2004, 18:22
The medical term for this is "Entertainment" and to be more presice... "Entertainment beyond imagination!!!" Be careful because in some occasions it may cause even death... Let me explain: A fan was playing in his balcony and in his enthusiasm he jumped to reach the balcony in the opposite building.... BOOM.... In another occasion a fan used a crowbar to open the fridge door ect. ect. I know it sound frightening but you can easily avoid such misshappens by simply turning off the power botton on the console... of course in certain occasions the patient refused to do so... as a result he entered stealth mode grabbed his mother in law and choced her with cloroform...

PS: Hope i didn't frightened you...
...a lot
:D :D :D

21st Jul 2004, 18:27
Well now I don't know whether to laugh or cry :confused:

21st Jul 2004, 19:28
do both... LOL:D

21st Jul 2004, 21:14
It's not a madness... well at least I don't think so. I can remember back in the days of the ATARI 400 and Star Raiders and watching my friend play it. He would regularly duck when the alien space craft appeared to fly overhead, or to one side to avoid them. It was a case of making sure no breakables were near him at the time :D

21st Jul 2004, 21:32
ooooooooooooo yes I suffer from this syndrome too! My hubby and kids stay well clear when I'm gaming, there just isn't enough room in our living room at times! ;)

22nd Jul 2004, 21:54
:D hi all those who are mentally crackers(like me)

i'm glad i'm not the only one with this condition LOL:D and i hope there is no cure. and now i know there are other people out there like me i don't feel soooo stupid by myself ha ha ha ha ha ha. thx guys:D :D :D

23rd Jul 2004, 05:55
When Lara jumps, I lean forward in my seat. When I'm really excited or nervous, I nearly double over.

23rd Jul 2004, 23:53
I have to admit I call her a lot of bad names too! :( When really its not her fault poor thing, its mine!!!!!! :p

24th Jul 2004, 03:26
Now THAT I do! It's quite embarassing when anyone in the house hears me too :o They come in and ask "Who are you talking to?" or more precisely...."Who you callin a stupid B****!" I think they think I'm nuts :o :rolleyes:

25th Jul 2004, 20:58
:rolleyes: hi guys!!1

can't say i've ever screamed obsceneties at lara, but kurtis, now thats a different story. got to admit though it's funny when he does his ape walk he he he he he

26th Jul 2004, 01:12
I find myself trying to peer around corners and look up at the ceiling.........I have been known to jump in my chair and startle onlookers into jumping.
:D :D

26th Jul 2004, 05:25
Try playing it with a dancepad.:D

26th Jul 2004, 11:11
Hmm! i've often wondered if that invisible strap between the pad and chin is patented:rolleyes:

26th Jul 2004, 23:13
Dude COOL I SHOULD TOTTALLY TRY THAT!!!!!!!!! and the same thing would probly happen to me though lol.