View Full Version : Kurshok Citadel

17th Jul 2004, 18:11
Need some help fellow thievers......where do I go to enter kurshok citadel? What part of the city is it located at? Many thanks for your help

17th Jul 2004, 19:31
In the Docks district, to your right as you enter via South Quarter. I'll leave the rest for you to figure out. Look carefully, sneaky one! :D

17th Jul 2004, 19:57
Many Thanks Lendrik but I still can't locate how to enter the passage to kurshok citadel. Am I missing something I should have gathered earlier in my travels. Could you please detail exactly what I need to do when I leave south quarter and arrive at the docks. I appreciate your time in this matter.

17th Jul 2004, 20:16
Ok, when u enter enter the docks through the keepers hidden door, turn right. Check the right wall but don't go down the stairs, if so u have gone too far. In the right wall (if u r facing the thieving equipment store) there is a opening. If u go in there, u'll find a ladder that leads to the sewers (u wont see the ladders from the street, atleast i didn't ;) ) that's hope u understod my awesome English. You should find your way down to the blue glypht..

17th Jul 2004, 21:01
turn the brightness higher, you'll see it better