View Full Version : Thief-Deadly Shadows-Level DUCKS

17th Jul 2004, 13:21

Would some body help me in level DUCKS???

Where is the cornerstone with the Symbol...Ain't it in the end of the corner of the SELLING MARKET???if its not, where is that???

What should i do ????? Which cornerstone should i fire my moss arrow???


17th Jul 2004, 13:40
DUCKS!? I've never heard of a mission called 'Ducks'. Of course, there is a city section called 'Docks'.

If THAT'S what you're talking about, the cornerstones are located at:

The corner before the small tunnell that leads you to the street where you can sell your artwork.
Near where the sapling was, there's a little corner area that really has no purpose. That's where the second cornerstone is.
Third stone in the docks is near the Bloody Ears Tavern. Take the first underpass to the tavern that you come to, and right after exiting it you should see the cornerstone.