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17th Jul 2004, 11:11
I like it, but i miss the good old cloak:(

17th Jul 2004, 12:15
yeh but you couldnt see it.lol............his clothes for t3 are quite cool,bit robin hoodish

18th Jul 2004, 14:31
well like any good fan i hate anything new, i didnt like his clothes. I liked the old hooded cloak that you couldnt see his face, you werent supposed to see his face dammit. I remember somewhere in life of the party in thief 2 there being a window or mirror that i could see myself in and it was awsome, long dark cloak, couldnt see face image kinda distorted. It kinda made garrett mysterious but now you see his face everywhere and he looks like he should be hanging out in a gay bar with his tight leathers. bla :P

glory to the many

18th Jul 2004, 16:08
Yeah, garrett's gear is pretty cool looking, but the sad thing is that in this day and age with the graphics, its a little TOO cool.

What im tryin to say is that garrett's threads were really good in the first two Thief's because you only caught glimpses of this immpressive,dark, cloaking shadow that kinda looked like a hman shape. I remember in the demo for thief 2, the lvl where you do a run over the rooftops to the mech. castle, that you encounter some other 'thieves' dressed just like you ( i think the programmers got lazy there) and even when you knock 'em out (or blast 'em- god bless fire arrows) you still cant see them properely because there threads cover their faces completely.

19th Jul 2004, 10:27
aah those taffing thieves in life of the party, too bad that there aren't any other thieves in T: DS

19th Jul 2004, 16:24
i really think that the shadow of garrett in thief 3 is great, it makes me feel like i'm in a movie when i see it shoot out in front of me when i sneak across a room or bust through a doorway



20th Jul 2004, 01:54
i think his clothes are cool, but a cloak while playing would be sweet. in the cutscenes he has a cloak. you'll be walking around the Terces Courtyard in your thief clothes, then a cutscenes starts with you in a cloak, then it's over and the cloak's gone. what the hell?

20th Jul 2004, 19:10
His clothes are way too revealing. You can see his skin on his arms and stuff. It shouldn't be like that. When someone says thief I associate "cloak and dagger" type stuff (emphasis on the CLOAK)
However, if you wear a cloak, it could billow in the wind and attract the eye of a guard, so maybe a cloak isn't the right kind of thing you need.
But still a cloak would be a great addition.

20th Jul 2004, 19:31
the cloak could be usefull to hide under.

23rd Jul 2004, 15:05
Originally posted by shalroq
However, if you wear a cloak, it could billow in the wind and attract the eye of a guard, so maybe a cloak isn't the right kind of thing you need.
But still a cloak would be a great addition.

i agree a cloak would draw attention to yourself, and you couldn't hide very well

23rd Jul 2004, 17:20
it's not about functionality. it's all about style.

23rd Jul 2004, 18:52
The Scene:
garret is hiding on a window ledge ready to drop down onto a guard. The guard turns around and sees Garrett's cloak flapping about.
Guard: Hey! You, get down from there!
Garrett: You can't touch me. My style is too hot for you to handle.
Another Guard: He's right! With his cloak he can do whatever he wants. Coolness is what we need on the watch.
Guard: Hmph :mad:

That would be weird if it happened in the game :p

Style is important though. At least Garrett isn't wearing a Mr.Blobby suit.

23rd Jul 2004, 20:51
why can't he just steal a cloak ??

23rd Jul 2004, 21:23

You never noticed in Thief 3 that he have an cloak in the movies? Not during the gameplay in 3rd persons view tough

Wich would have been a bit annoying to play with.

The same goes for Thief 2. Someone said you couldn't see Garrets face or any of his cloths during gameplay? You can actually

Cast an spy orb (The one you can scout arround at) but cast it so that you can turn it arround and look at Garret. You see him with exact same cloths and same (face) as in Thief3. He have no cloak on.

24th Jul 2004, 10:53
he had a small cloak, but there is 1 thing i don't understand...on the game box, you see garret with his long cloak, on every artwork you see him with a cloak, but in the game he hasn't got a cloak.......:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

24th Jul 2004, 13:47
i guess it was to hard to make an ingame cloak

24th Jul 2004, 14:50
Maybe they developers didn't want to add one because they wanted to show off Garrett and not have just some black figure.