View Full Version : Happy Birthday John D.!

16th Jul 2004, 03:08
Happy Birthday John!

And just so you know, Nameless Voice posted a birthday thread for you over at TEG, not knowing that you don't go there anymore...

16th Jul 2004, 04:37
Happy Birthday, John D. :)

John D.
16th Jul 2004, 14:26
Wow....I'm still alive!
Hehe 29 to be exact:cool: Thanks everybody!:D
Had supper with my sister and grandmother at Corky's BBQ last night before work. My 1 1/2 year old niece was there too, got to play 'keep everything out of grabbing range of the baby' (she's very inquisitive) while enjoying a nice cheeseburger.:p I had a great time, hope everyone else's birthday was as fun. :)

16th Jul 2004, 20:07
Sounds like fun! My BDay was the 11th and I had a great time.

Dark Raevin
22nd Jul 2004, 19:10
your 40 something John. Then you can say, "Am I still alive ?." Just like the Baron Harkonan in Dune.
Anyway, Happy Bday and many more.