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15th Jul 2004, 21:34
Ok guys this may sound very stupid indeed but i think my problem with performance issues is easyer than i thought, the thing is i checked dxdiag to see if the display drivers were bad caused by a bad download or somethnig and i discovered that in the display tab where the AGP texture acceleration button is it says "not available" and then i said what the "#$%?? the i sak you guys is there a problem with my viedo card? (Geforce fx 5200 XFX 256mb ddr) or is it the drivers or is it the mother board? i'd like to see what you guys can recommend me to do 'cause i don't know what to do :( any help is very appreciated :)

15th Jul 2004, 23:11
i'd like to help but i have only experience with radeon cards... don't know anything about the geforce cards anymore

16th Jul 2004, 11:11
Sounds like you may need to install/update your motherboard chipset drivers, which include an AGP driver. Without this your basicly running in PCI mode.

First find out the model of your Mobo which will help ID your chipset manufactorer...Intel, VIA or SIS being the main ones...then heading over to the relevent Web Site for the driver download.

16th Jul 2004, 17:28
You could do a thorough uninstall of the vid card drivers, might want to use DriverCleaner too. Download and install the latest nVidia drivers (56.72). See if that helps any.