View Full Version : Good Thiefbot settings?

15th Jul 2004, 03:55
I played the demo and loved it (even though the guards seemed to easy) so I bought the game, and then found out about the AI bug and fixes like Thiefbot here.

Well, I was wondering if anyone has found a good average setting for the guard AI, particularly for Visual and Audio. I'm not looking for a super hard mode as it's my first time through, but just looking for a decent challenge similar or a little harder than the first Thief game.

Anybody found a good setup?

15th Jul 2004, 04:22
If you want to fix the bug, just download the patch...

Anyways, I don't use Thiefbot myself, but I hear if you set the enemy awareness to around 11, they start to hear broadhead arrows and such... might be fun :D