View Full Version : Thief starting in a window

14th Jul 2004, 17:23
the games starts in a window causing the screen to be pushed down and so i loose the bottom of the picture. I have tried playing with the options for the shortcut, but this doesn't seem to help. The game started normally first time, but now it always does this. Anyone got any ideas on whats going on?

14th Jul 2004, 17:31
maybe u checked "play in window mode" on in the option menu??

15th Jul 2004, 07:55
Can't find that option, where is it? I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled and restored defaults, so if it is part of the game options it should have gone back to normal.

15th Jul 2004, 23:17
this might be a technical help question for a different area on this messageboard... maybe there is a setting in your default.ini that set's if something is in windowed mode...