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14th Jul 2004, 14:56
I like to play through the game really sneakily, and if I get spotted I tend to reload from a save rather than get into a fight. I also tend to use quicksave, or did until the following sorry tale...

So, I'm down in the docks after the Abysmal Gale, and I head to the fence and the shop to offload my loot and re-equip before the Widow Moira's mansion. On my way back to the harbour area to steal a boat, I stupidly wander right into the path of two guards by mistakenly pressing 'w' and going forward instead of 's' to go back. Like I said, I don't like fighting in the game, so I decide to reload -- and I hit F10 instead of F12! AAaarrgh!! At this stage the guards have beaten me halfway dead, and I don't have a 'proper' save since way back at St. Edgar's :eek:

Luckily on the reload I managed to run away and then hit the guards with a gas bomb, but from now on I'm making regular proper saves instead of all quicksaves :D

[Note to self -- must stop drinking so much wine while playing TDS...]

14th Jul 2004, 15:43
Use the arrow keys and you won't have the problem of misplaced fingers on W, A, S, D. The arrow keys just feel better and are position in the proper places. I never use the WASD setup because the keys are so close together and the layout is wopperjawed
QuickSave means you keep overwriting the same save all the time. If you do this over time and you screw up you can't go back to a recent save and undo the mess. I never use QuickSave, because I want a series of saves to go back to and I want it to be orderly. Seriously, how hard is it to press Esc and click on Save?

14th Jul 2004, 15:46
the arrow keys mess up my wrists man... wasd is far better for my health :)


14th Jul 2004, 16:15
Or you could just remap your quicksave to a key unlikely to be hit by accident. I prefer the number keyboard + for quicksave.

Freth does have a good point, though, about quicksaves. Save via the menu fairly frequently. For example, at the minimum, I save via menu at the start of each major mission, and if I'm moving through several zones which each have a lot to accomplish, I save via the menu for each zone.

14th Jul 2004, 16:50
use a gamepad,rumble one at that,i dont play no shooting games with out it.............mines a gravis eliminator aftershock gamepad,shameless plug.lol

15th Jul 2004, 00:32
Have to admit this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me -- I blame the alcohol :D

As far as arrow keys are concerned, I'm with wolfsbane, their position on the keyboard would give me RSI...

I like catman's suggestion though -- quicksave now remapped to NUM KP +

What I'd *really* like is if game developers proved a small circular buffer for quicksaves -- say the last four quicksaves are always kept, you save a fifth and it overwites the oldest, you quickload and you get the newest, but the others are available through the menu system. Having this along with explicit/named saves would be ideal IMO.

15th Jul 2004, 01:53
Originally posted by FatBoab
say the last four quicksaves are always kept, you save a fifth and it overwites the oldest, you quickload and you get the newest, but the others are available through the menu system.

that's a good idea!

15th Jul 2004, 02:07
Tip: Create a New Save before clicking on a mission glyph. That way you can always start that particular mission over to see if you can ghost it all the way, pick up 100% of the loot, run through and kill everyone in the shortest time, etc.

15th Jul 2004, 02:11
so far i've been able to ghost everything up to the widow's mansion... i had a tough time ghosting the sunken citadel...

I don't know if it's a bust when you steal the crown and they come after you no matter where your at... you can get away without being detected (by the game stats) but they all definately know your there when they notice the crown gone

other than that, everything up to this point is ghostable, i'm going slow though, so it's taking some time

i really wish those hammerite rust bugs wouldn't explode when you kill them, it's a bust every time, at least the pagans can be quiet about what they want :) although technically, having moss growing out of the corner of a building isn't exactly the most stealthy of maneuvers.