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27th Apr 2012, 18:31
The purpose of this forum is to give players a centralized location to provide feedback directly about the Square Enix Members experience, errors found within the site, as well as personal opinions and ideas on how to improve the community website and promotions contained therein.

13th Sep 2015, 18:55
привет я не знал куда написать о такой прозьбе но могли бы squaersoft enix сделать ремейк на свою игру front mission 3 для компов этого хотят множество ее фанатов

31st Mar 2017, 23:27
i bought that 10 buck square enix gift box bundle and games were ok but y give us a 20 % discount on games if ALL THE games u offer cant apply to it that digital u guys blocked eastern titles which is the majority of ur site its dumb that coupon isnt going to get used i would love a coupon that i can actually use...