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12th Jul 2004, 07:22
Garrett is a wanted man. He is a known thief. Why does his landlord let him live there? Why doesn't that private guard turn him in? I wouldn't feel safe living in the same building as Garrett, and I wouldn't feel safe living in a building with a bunch of people and a guard if I were Garrett. If I were Garrett, I would live in that one room that you can use climbing gloves to get to in South Quarter. You know, the one with the entrances in black alley and by climbing up the wall from on that porch that has the tunnel underneath it just outside Garrett's apartment.

12th Jul 2004, 08:01
yeah, its a bit weird isn't it esp. theres posters of him everywhere and G doesn't exactly blend in with his attire not to mention stuff gets stolen every day! (poor guard got fired by the landlord)

12th Jul 2004, 08:19
Hmm, I don't suppose you have visited his landlords apartment. Landlords tend to look the other way when the rent is always paid on time. Not to mention the guard in his building who doesn't think it's odd that he's guarding a thief's apartment from other thieves.

12th Jul 2004, 08:23
I "visit" the landlord's apartment all the time. That's one reason I find it weird that the landlord lets Garrett live there. I mean, missing items from a room right next to a master thief's? Anyone could put those two together and get 4. Garrett's on-time money is of no use if Garrett keeps stealing it back.

12th Jul 2004, 09:03
maybe the landlord's scared G would go into his rooms a night and placed a mine next to his bed if he trys to kick him out

12th Jul 2004, 16:37
just more of the logic problem i was talking about in the other thread... i liked it better in the first two thief's where no one knew who you were (except other ne'er do wells)... still a great game though, you just have to get by that logic step


12th Jul 2004, 19:03
I like finding things that don't exactly make sense in the game better than just letting logic go. I love the game the way it is, but some things just weren't thought out all the way.

12th Jul 2004, 19:46
Well, the other residents don't need to know they have a thief for a neighbour. Obviously the lanlord wouldn't mention this to them. But what I really find odd about the lanlord is why does he keep valuable stuff there, knowing he's renting a room to a thief. I guess he could just look the other way since he doesn't have solid proof and not many people will pay the same rent as G does (I assume that since he's a thief, the lanlord makes him pay more)

12th Jul 2004, 19:51
hmm, just a thought. is there any proof that the landlord knows he's a thief? I just assumed it because there are wanted signs all over the place. also, that guard might not know either, he just doesn't like the suspicious look of Garrett. my main point is how can all these people not know? how come only guards and faction memebers know who Garrett is? there are signs all over. he's a wanted man. maybe no one reads them...

12th Jul 2004, 21:01
also why is garrets flat a dump,hes earning good money yet the place is a bloody tip.......lol

13th Jul 2004, 01:24
i think it's hilarious that garrett has a wanted poster of himself in his own apartment


13th Jul 2004, 01:27
i saw that and was thinking the same thing. he's conceited or something.

13th Jul 2004, 01:35
maybe he's like, um, i don't have a picture of myself and my walls are so bare... i know *smacks forehead* i'll grab one of those posters htat are so popular in the town square :)


13th Jul 2004, 08:25
I bet the rest of Garrett's neighbors are crooks of some sort or other. The landlord trust them because, who else is going to give a known crook a place to stay? Honor among thieves and so on. And the guard in the building isn't a City Watch, it's a thug. That's it, the landlord's probably in cahoots with the gangs!

13th Jul 2004, 08:27
so, you're saying it was Mrs. Peacock in the Study with the rope!

it's sound's like you're on to some kinda murder mystery.

13th Jul 2004, 08:48
Originally posted by TiffTaffinTaffer
so, you're saying it was Mrs. Peacock in the Study with the rope!

it's sound's like you're on to some kinda murder mystery.

Um, what?

13th Jul 2004, 08:50
the way you were talking, it sounded like you were trying to solve some kinda mystery. you were solving the case.

nevermind then

13th Jul 2004, 11:36
hes talking about a game called CLUEDO

26th Jul 2004, 14:11
he would've gotten away with it too! If it weren't for you meddling kids!

27th Jul 2004, 02:15
njcl: Well, in Thief 2, Garrett's place was pretty crappy, too... I guess he keeps the clutter to a minimum in case he has to move again like he did in Thief 2 (moved from the Old Quarter or South Quarter to Shalebridge, I think). He couldn't possibly move all that crap to a new apartment without drawing attention. Travel light, I guess.

25th Aug 2004, 17:19
From the first time Garrett mentions rent in Thief 1, something
seemed wrong about him paying rent for a place.

But, in a city where the only law is steel or magic
and ratmen/pagans/other monsters are common,
having 4 strong walls and a roof seem like a good

It's possible he never even sees the landlord and
just leaves the money somewhere. The LL probably
thinks he's a nightshift worker at the docks.

If Garrett was smart, he'd be staying with the
girl who runs the store in stonemarket. She
certainly doesn't hide her desire to be his
partner in crime.

Another option would be one of those swordswomen
who are constantly checking him out.