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12th Jul 2004, 00:11
I've been playing Thief 2 for the last few days and I'm halfway thru the game and I started getting the low memory error message as below.

I read up on the help offered at TTLG and this is what it says:[

"Thief is saying it cannot play, because I do not have enough space, even if I have a lot of free disk space: how do I fix this?
Add another 40MB or so of data to your harddisk, it will solve the problem. This problem happens because of the way Thief checks for free disk space. The part that does the checking is left over from when the HD size limit was 2GB, so it only sees the first 2GB with any free space on it; when this problem happens, the 2GB it sees has less than 35MB on it. Adding data to the HD will get around this.

Some users have found that deleting files (such as temp files) can do the trick just as well - and is much preferrable to filling drives up with junk data."

I've defraged and deleted the files, but how do I add another 40MB of data to my HD? Does it mean just install anything??

I would appreciate any help in this because I'd really like to finish the game.

12th Jul 2004, 01:35
Make a folder on the HDD. Call it GARBAGE or anything you want. Put 40 megabytes of anything in it. One long WAV music file, Three MP3s, a collection of old files, whatever.

Just use copies of stuff you already have, MP3's, WMA music, a video snippet, a copy of the love letters to your boss, and so on.

I have one that is just junk that I would have deleted.

12th Jul 2004, 01:36
Ok thanks for clarifying that :) Appreciate it

12th Jul 2004, 03:26
Originally posted by theBlackman
a video snippet, a copy of the love letters to your boss

hahahahaha...you just gross!