View Full Version : Another newb question

9th Jul 2004, 01:53
I was using a tutorial for Dromed for a while and it told me to type add_family core into the command line. It worked fine at first, I was able to texture surfaces, but when I tried to use Dromed again later I couldn't load the textures. Can anyone tell me why even when I type in the same command, those textures won't load?

John D.
9th Jul 2004, 10:38
Arent you using Dromed for Thief 2? I think the family names for the core textures are core_1, core_2 and core_3. I think just plain 'core' is for Thief 1 only. Try that. BTW, do you notice funky looking textures in the view screeen? If so, then you're using T2 dromed-open your user.cfg file with notepad and add the line 'edit_screen_depth 16' to correct the problem. Underneath you probably want to go ahead and type 'monolog' that will create a txt file that Dromed will dump data into whenever you portalize/Optimize etc. You probably wont need to mess with it right now, but as your designs get more complex-it's helpful for discovering errors.:)

9th Jul 2004, 12:51
Thanks John. I don't really understand what happened there, it worked before but even so this is a lot better now.