View Full Version : reverse poly error?

John D.
8th Jul 2004, 19:46
That's a new one to me, anyone know what it is?

John D.
9th Jul 2004, 12:27
Here's the exact message. Reverse poly slots-Poly too large!

9th Jul 2004, 12:59
No clue, and there's nothing about it in TEG on TTLG either.

John D.
9th Jul 2004, 16:57
You know if I had a camera I could make my own home movie-DROMED THE QUEST FOR NEW ERRORS starring yours truly!;) Oh well, I'll go back a few saves again and rebuild, hopefully that will sort out whatever went wrong, I think I'm pushing some limits with this one.:)

9th Jul 2004, 17:50
I can't wait to play this one... can I beta test it?

John D.
10th Jul 2004, 00:53
Sure, but it will be a few months at the rate things are going.:)