View Full Version : Dromed 2

8th Jul 2004, 17:32
When I looked at instructions for Dromed 2 it said that it was already on the Thief 2 cd. I can't exactly find it on mine. Am I just looking on the wrong place? Does Dromed 2 come seperate from the platinum edition? Any help would be appreciated.

John D.
8th Jul 2004, 18:59
Look on the first installation disk. If I remember properly it should be in a folder called 'editor'.:) Are you REALLY sure you want to play with the thing? It will become your master! ;) :D

8th Jul 2004, 19:04
lol :D. I tried playing around with the first dromed and it pretty much made no sense at all. But with a few tutorials, and a lot of luck, maybe I can actually learn how to use it. Thanks John.

Dark Raevin
22nd Jul 2004, 19:06
The only version of Dromed I have found on disk 1 of Thief 2 in the editor folder and its 1.18. Is there a another version John ?.