View Full Version : Why won't Thief DS work?

5th Jul 2004, 04:15
Okay I really don't get WHY Thief won't work on my computer. Here's what my computer has got:

Windows XP Home Edition
Intel Pentium 4 2.53 GHZ
512 System Memory
Sound Blaster 2 Audigy
Nvidia Geforce 4 TI4200 (Most recent drivers downloaded)

What's going on? I start the game...I get past the briefing fine...and then the window that says "this is the training mission" pops up. I say ok. Then after I take like two steps everything freezes. What's going on? Any help please I simply do NOT get what the heck is going on! I even set all of the settings to MINIMUM and it still does it.

5th Jul 2004, 14:39
does it freeze in the EXACT same place??? it might be a heat issue. maybe after the booting of the game and the briefing.loading, it might overheat and freeze. also maybe check your ram for stability. freezingis most often associated with ram instability. do you overclock??? you might have bad setting on you video card outside of the game or maybe your hardware needs to be throttled down a bit. check your vdeo setting in windows and see if they are at defaults. hope that helps a lil'

5th Jul 2004, 18:42
It doesn't freeze at the same exact place. Sometimes in the training mission I'll be able to walk past the guard...but other times I won't even be able to get past the "OK" button. How do I check for Ram instability? Also could this be a problem caused by a virus on my computer? I'm running a ton of anti virus stuff now so I'm hoping that fixes it or somethin...not sure.

5th Jul 2004, 18:46
Hmm, if you're running a lot of anti-virus stuff in the background while you're playing the game, that could be causing the problem rather than fixing it! Try shutting off all the stuff running in the background and see if that helps.

5th Jul 2004, 22:50
That's it though. Even before I got the anti-virus stuff it would still do all of this. Well in any case to help you guys get a grasp of what I've done here's the list:

1) Updated all drviers
2) Shut off pretty much EVERYTHING that wasn't essential while running it.
3) Reinstalling Sound Card drivers etc and all that.
4) By the way everything is at default. I haven't overclocked anything. I don't even know HOW to.
5) Clicked the "Check Graphics Card" thing and it says "Ready to play!"
6) Checked computer for spyware, adware, viruses. Nothing is left.
7) Freed up 18.1 GB of hard drive space.

Is there anything else I can possibly do? This is REALLY getting annoying.

7th Jul 2004, 06:46
Try deinstallng Nvidia drivers and installing Omega video drivers, nvidia_wxp_omega_14523a.exe . Search to find Omega site. Read install instructions carefully. It is not straightforward.

I have no idea whether this will fix it, but the Omega drivers made my Ti4200 perform much better. Also, they are compatible with T1 and T2, which I think the latest Nvidia drivers are not.

Also, I can suggest checking your AGP settings in the bios. Make sure that the aperture is large enough - 128 or even 256. Try AGP 4x if 8x doesn't work.

Again, these are just ideas, and I don't know if they will work.

7th Jul 2004, 20:16
Thanks for those suggestions. It makes me feel like peopel are actually trying to help. Unfortunately it didn't work, the game still has those spasms. I'll be in the game and I'll take a few steps and then it freezes up with a sound effect such as a footstep going over and over and over again like a broken record. If I wait long enough it generally gets out of it, but then it'll just do it again like two steps later. This is really annoying since it SHOULD be working.

8th Jul 2004, 17:17
No other thoughts? Well, it's understandable I guess. Just kind of frustrating since I bought the game, have a system that SHOULD run it, and it is basically unplayable. Any suggestions really. It just keeps freezing up and all.

8th Jul 2004, 17:45
my only other guess is ram instability...how many sticks do you have? if you have more than 1 try using 1 stick at a time and playing the game. i did this and found 1 stick was bad and RMAed it. try testing them individually...that could be your problem. also if you only have 1 stick...try moving it to a different bank...some mobos lieke using certain banks depending on how many sticks you have and all. look at mobo for memory placement chart (should have one). if none of that helps then it could be just a bad mobo...but dont start thinking that until you have tried all the ram placements cuz its highly unlikely.

8th Jul 2004, 19:51
Another possibility is a sound card problem. Try switching off hardware acceleration for sound (if I'm remembering this right) in the game. Failing that, it could be an IRQ conflict between your sound and video cards: I don't have time to describe how to diagnose that right now, but there's info on the web...

8th Jul 2004, 21:51
Originally posted by bravus
Failing that, it could be an IRQ conflict between your sound and video cards: I don't have time to describe how to diagnose that right now, but there's info on the web...

true...try googling that. those rarely mess up..but its worth a shot.