View Full Version : still cant get dark pro to load

3rd Jul 2004, 19:57
new dell
pent 4
512 ram
6200? graphics card standered for 3.2 processor no upgrade

i tried running under all compat settings on the wiz. also tried setup exelnt deal thet was suggested.I have platinum 1.33 adition if that makes a differance. i can get all the way through to when I actualy become interactive and get a blank screen still. Any suggestions

3rd Jul 2004, 21:03
win 2000 let me actualy play the training mission untill my comp froze. couldnt get out of it no how.had to turn off my comp.there are allot of people refering to differant ways to fix it im not sure wich apply to me? can anyone help

4th Jul 2004, 03:24
Originally posted by new
new dell

theres ur problem. lol. as much as i would like to be joking...i seriously doubt your video card will run it good if it ran like it sposed to(is it radeon?). what speed is your processor? what speed is your ram? your specs are very vague.