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2nd Jul 2004, 18:21
When I was known as jack_raider, I posted a thread similar to this. I just though I'd share my views on the future of tomb raider and my opinion on things. Please excuse the spelling errors. :)

As for the future of tomb raider, I'd really hope Crystal Dynamics puts the series back on top. I liked the direction Core was going with tomb raider. It seemed they were going for something different and fresh, but AOD didn't really do anything groundbreaking or any different from past TR games. AOD in my opinion was just a tune up of past tomb raider games. Some will say Tomb Raider II is the best for the action or tomb raider III for the variety of weapons/outfits/locations, but nothing beats the original. Tomb Raider needs a new direction and I don't mean a "darker" direction. The next tomb raider game just needs to go back to the roots of the original and what made tomb raider great. I want that tomb raider "magic" back. I love tomb raider and its my favorite game series, but the past tomb raider titles have been pretty stale. Nothing new happened in them except for small improvements to the engine and a few new features here and there.

Ok, so most people want to see a sequel to Angel of Darkness and a return of Kurtis. I totally understand why and im cool with that. But I'd personally like Crystal to ditch the AOD storyline and go ahead and do a new adventure, I'd like to see Crystal Dynamics take Tomb Raider in another direction. There are rumors that Kurtis will be back in the next game, so its very possible to see a sequel to AOD. If that does happen, I really hope the game would go back to the roots of the first tomb raider and perhaps bring something new to the series. The only thing I would find weird is that most game trilogy's or sequels all use the same game engine. That meaning that the sequels all play the same, but are updated. Look at Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Grand theft Auto, Sonic Adventure, and even Shenmue. All those sequels to those games play the same. So if your catching my drift, wouldn't it be weird to play a sequel to AOD with completely different game play/controls than the first AOD? That’s why I would like Crystal Dynamics to completely start from scratch and do something new.

The manga style Lara was getting me a bit worried since I liked Lara's appearance in Angel of Darkness. I would actually prefer Crystal Dynamics to make Lara look more like the "classic" Lara. You know, the Lara we saw in CG renders/FMV's in past tomb raider games. I am against a realistic Lara because Crystal Dynamics should still keep Lara Croft slightly cartoony as she has been in all the tomb raider games. Mario has always stayed the same, Zelda actually went from realistic to cartoony, so why should Lara go realistic? The AOD Lara is fine with me, but I'd like to see the old Lara come back. But I think Crystal should put a bit more muscle in her legs and arms. I'm not saying for Crystal to turn Lara into a body builder, but you'd think all that jumping/pulling would I least show some muscle on Lara. Perhaps some biceps or something.

Tomb Raider needs to stick with Exploring/puzzle solving and Action. Core Design made a fantastic game called Project Eden. Core took the puzzle solving from tomb raider and brought it to a new level with Project Eden. In terms of controls and game play, it really surprises me how Tomb Raider: AOD lacked in those areas because Project Eden certainly didn't. Puzzle solving in project Eden was unique and interesting. Its exactly what AOD should have been, especially since AOD introduced a new playable character (Kurtis). In fact, when I heard there was going to be a other playable character in AOD, I thought core meant switching between characters similar to Project Eden. I thought Project Eden controlled like a dream (at least the PC version did) and the combat was good. Wouldn't it be nice for a computer controlled Kurtis to fight alongside with Lara? Or maybe Kurtis can be used to pull a heavy switch since he is stronger, that would have made much more since then those silly power ups in AOD. I'd also like the punching/kicking and stealth feature to return. But this time I would like to see a more fluid punching/kicking feature and more use of stealth. I hope Crystal will make smarter A.I since tomb raider has been lacking it from day one. More tombs is probably what every one wants including me, but some point in the game I'd like Lara to go in a city and modern setting like in cradle of life when Lara sneaks into the high-tech office building.

So what's going on with the tomb raider level editor community? There have been no updates or any release of a new TR level editor. Most TR level editors want the release of the tomb raider source-code. I totally agree and don't want to see what I like to call "classic" tomb raider die. The tomb raider 4 engine is quite outdated, but who cares. Look how far the level editing community has gone with it today. All those programs and tools show how much we love tomb raider and how much we want to keep it alive. Core has no use for the AOD editor anymore and neither do we. I don't want to make levels with an unfinished and not quite so good engine. I enjoyed AOD, but the old tomb raider game play was so much better and easier than AOD. So lets see more support for Eidos to release the original TR source code. If know one listens to me, Dhama will sure tell ya. :D

Will Angelina Jolie return for tomb raider 3? I certainly hope so and Angelina says it is a possibility that she will do the next one. In a Cradle of Life interview with Angelina Jolie, she explained how she would like to play the darker Lara featured in angel of darkness. But now recent sources tell us that Angelina was happy with TR2 and feels they did everything right with part 2. I really hope Angelina will do part three in the future. I can't see anyone else but Angelina as Lara Croft. If she is serious about not doing another, then I wouldn't want to see someone else playing Lara or even a cg film. A cg film would be nice to some people, but we get all that cg in the games. What made the movie so great was that it was all real and Angelina did a great job.

As many of you know, Adrian & Jeremy Smith are starting a new game company called "Circle Studio." Its said they are working on prototype games for xbox/PS2 and for future consoles. I remember reading somewhere about them developing a game called Tomb Basher. I have no idea if it would be similar to tomb raider or not, but its clearly been stated that Circle Studios will not feature any game with a female as the lead character. My guess is that Core Design are working on a new Fighting Force or Project Eden game. I heard they were making a online version of Fighting Force, but who knows. I think a sequel to Project Eden would be great and it would be really cool if it had online support. They don't own the rights to tomb raider or Lara Croft anymore, but no one said anything about Kurtis. They might even be working on a non tomb raider/Lara croft game starring Kurtis. Early back before AOD was released, CORE said they were working on separate adventures for Kurtis so you never know. Maybe the AOD story will be continued with Kurtis while Crystal Dynamics does something different with Lara. I also remember reading how Core would make games that linked to AOD. But that was before the series was switched to Crystal Dynamics.

Crystal Dynamics is known for the Legacy of Kain games. From playing demos of soul reaver 1 & 2, Crystal Dynamics are very talented when it comes to level design, game play, and story. Which is very good since that's what tomb raider needs. As for what game engine that they will be developing the next tomb raider with, who knows exactly. It seems Crystal has already started development of tomb raider 7 as sources say. They already have Lara up and about running in a environment, so that’s a start. I doubt they created a new engine since that would take at least a year, so my guess is that Crystal Dynamics will use its current technology. Its possible they will use a updated/modified version of the LOK: defiance engine for the next tomb raider. Anyways, whatever they do, lets just hope the next tomb raider is the best and that it really is the true sequel to the original.

2nd Jul 2004, 20:28
Shhhh.... Eidos might get the impression we're the future of Lara Croft. :D

I've been making levels since the TR level editor arrived with 'Chronicles' and so have many others.

Our community has many talented folk who work well together, help each other and enjoy playing what the TR fans have produced.

Some of us would gladly pay for a TR 'kit' so that we could build our own games instead of waiting 2-3 years for the next "released game".
We've become a part of Tomb Raider.... no! it's not sad, it's made us one of the nicest and safest communities in the gaming world, and I believe Tomb Raider belongs to us. We've paid for it time after time, we've spent hours of our time in the quest of entertaining the 'players' of Tomb Raider, we know what the player wants.

They have a vast supply of custom levels to suit all tastes. There are big names in the custom level community the likes of Piega(Rene Brooymans), Psiko, Richard Lawther, Monika Pawlus, Pascal Ducey, Geckokid, Josep Burret, Inchdix, Michael Prager and many more who have inspired us and entertained us between Tomb Raider releases.

The TR custom level community, doesn't want something for nothing, we don't want Eidos to lose the franchise, we just want to become the sole creator of our domain. We want the software developers to sell us the tools for creating our own games.
We just want the opportunity to take custom level creation to the next step and beyond... that's all.

Now i'll get of my soapbox................ :cool: