View Full Version : Ghosts!

John D.
30th Jun 2004, 17:40
I want to have a couple of ghost converstations in my FM. I opened Trail of blood and duplicated the settings in my fm (roombrush, conv marker, phantoms and links) I planned to just replace the voices used with my own, but nothing's happening. How do I get it to work, I'm venturing in unfamiliar territory now.:confused:

30th Jun 2004, 18:52
I dunno... if ToB has a custom script module (like missxx.osm), you might need to load it into your mission.

John D.
1st Jul 2004, 01:07
Well before I had my last set of problems, I had multibrushed the 2 ai and the ghost conversation marker into my level and they worked, can you multibrush a conversation marker and ai without any ill effect?

1st Jul 2004, 13:30
I don't see why not, assuming the AI don't have any ParticleAttachments...

John D.
1st Jul 2004, 14:45
Ok, got two sets of markers and phantoms in the level so far. Looks they're working ok so I'll go from there. No more multi's in this level of the FM though, I think I have enough architecture to start putting in details on the first half of Dt2. :)