View Full Version : Say hello to my little problem

30th Jun 2004, 17:26
Does anyone have any advice for me on the "Say Hello To My Little Friend" level? I've read several walkthroughs, but I can't find a good strategy or weapon to get into the lab with after I've cleared the mansion and killed Pablo. Any help?

PS Sorry about the bad joke in the subject-line

8th Jul 2004, 04:54
Hahaha.what bad joke?! :D
I was searching for the best walkthrough when i got the game,and this (http://www.3dactionplanet.com/hitman47/hitman/walkthrough/) site is definatelly it!It's a forth one ;)

8th Jul 2004, 14:34
Thanks, but that was the walkthrough I used. I got through the level, thogh. Finally! It was a great feeling after struggling with it for months. After that, I finished the rest of the game in a few days.