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John D.
29th Jun 2004, 13:48
I wouldnt use over 3 on a mission, use more and you take the risk of getting some strange errors. Ycat told me to quit using them, but I just had to keep doing it. Now I've had to go back several saves to fix it.:mad:

29th Jun 2004, 16:13
Can you be more specific? Do you mean importing a saved multibrush, or just grouping things into a multibrush for the purposes of duplicating or moving them? I use multibrushes in the latter sense all the time with no problems

John D.
29th Jun 2004, 16:17
Importing, as in 4/5 along with a couple of duplications. I got some 'too many obj error' (even though I know it's in reality under 2000 objects) as well as it not completing the full mission processing in as in Komag's custom menus. I went back to a previous save before I used a couple of the brushes, and I'm still having problems even though the object errors are gone I've trimmed up to 40% of the level to fix it. I have a few cell errors (I always do) but I've released missions with twice the amount so I know it's not that.

29th Jun 2004, 19:23
Don't include objects with particle effects (e.g. torches) in a multibrush because they will apparently cause every object in the mission to be duplicated. If you started with 1200 or more objects then the duplication will send you over the limit.

I've used quite a few multibrushes (I stole some buildings from Ambush) and have never had any significant problems.
I always Dissolve multibrushes once I'm reasonably happy with the positioning, then use the 'highlight unsnapped' and 'snap highlighted' commands to fix them to the grid.

29th Jun 2004, 20:15
Indeed, I'd say it sounds like you're using multibrushes with particle attachments, John. Importing them is probably the same as duplicating them - very bad mojo.

John D.
30th Jun 2004, 12:03
Hmm, I dont recall anything other than lights being imported with the multibrushes I used, however a couple were from System Shock 2-perhaps something went wrong in the transition? Not sure, but I'm going to an earlier save and rebuild the area without anymore multi's.

20th Sep 2004, 20:13
Some one might have already said this, but this is how I got rid of the object ID error in one of my missions.

Say you got a couple of mutibrushes in your mission.
Then all of the sudden you got this error. What I did to solve this problem was to locate each mutibrush. Left-click on one of the brushes that came with it. Then, hold shift and left-click on it again. Doing this will hi-light the mutibrush. Now, hold "Ctrl" and then press "D". This will ungroup the mutibrush, making not a mutibrush any more. Do this process on all of your mutibrushes, and you should get rid of that Object ID error.

Hope that helps:D

John D.
21st Sep 2004, 01:23
I just tried that, the monolog says I've still got the object error, but I'll double check to make sure I got everything, a couple of brushes did light up in yellow so I think I did fix a couple of problems.

Edit: nope, still having the same problem, I may have to cut down on some more stuff.

21st Sep 2004, 14:33
How many objects are in your mission?

John D.
21st Sep 2004, 14:58
Last time I checked info_window said 2083

21st Sep 2004, 18:53
Did you already resize the maximum object count?
If not, type this in the command box...

and then press tab until you see something about resizing max objects. This should give you a window that lets you control how many objects you can have. The highest you can go is about 4000 max objects.

P.S. Don't mess with the minimum amount.

I hope that helps.:D