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27th Jun 2004, 02:41
I'm not sure if these have been asked before, but I'm new, and I want to go over every issue I have.

Will there be a difference in the armies, if so, on which level will they be affected ? Will the morale, experience, skill, training, etc. be related to an army, to a regiment, a company, individual soldiers ?

Will there be unique historic regiments, that have distinguished themselves ? The Highlander regiments, the Old Guard, the Cossacks ?

What will be the influence of generals on an army ? If a general is a military genius, will he increase morale, or skill of an army ?

I know that there will be basic formations of the time - line, column, square. What else is there on the tactical level ? And how will all this be micromanaged on the grand scale of battles ? What strategic elements will there be ? Will the strategy be similar to that used at the time of Napoleonic wars, or will it be a simplistic, thing of the "go at 'em and shoot" deal ? Will terrain, artillery, amount of cavalry, etc. influence the course of the battle ? Will cavalry attacking an infantry line be murderously effective, to the point of annihilation, or will they simply gain a small boost ?

What is the limit of units in a battle ? the battles of the time have sometimes gone as high as 500,000 people on the field at the same time. Will that be possible ?

On the world level, how deep do the diplomatic, economic and other options go ? What purpuse do spies (if any) have on the course of the game ?

Will the british line regiments have the option of rolling platoon fire, so effective agasint french collumns ? Will the French battalions prefer to attack in large collumns as opposed to lines ? What role will morale play on the field ? What will affect the morale ?

Will the fact that French military had conscription increase their numbers ?

Will weather play a role ?

That's about it for now.

27th Jun 2004, 02:51
One more thing, how smart are the naval battles ? Because on the screenshot the closer ship has just opened itself to a deadly raking fire, that should effectively cripple it. Something that doesn't happen that often, and especially not with ships of that size.

Vic Flange
28th Jun 2004, 13:41
On your questions:

1) Yes, armies will differ. Morale and experience will be fairly major factors; training/availability of new advancements can come from research on the Tech Tree

2) Unique historic regiments - yes. We'll publish a full list at a later date

3) Commanders will be a fairly major influence on units' effectiveness

4) Battlefield strategy is an important area for us and it won't be a case of just rushing at the enemy - units' strengths/weaknesses will be modelled on their historical counterparts. Battlefields will be interactive (please see sick's FAQ for a note on this)

5) Unit limits. Please see sick's FAQ

6) Diplomacy, politics etc will be significant areas of the game

7) Again, we're taking our references from the historical units. Empires will also behave differently, so fighting a battle against the British may be very different to fighting the French.
Morale will feature in the game

8) Starting numbers of troops are to be decided during balancing

9) Yes, weather will play a role

10) We'll discuss naval battles at a later date

29th Jun 2004, 03:00
Thank you for the answers, but what I meant by terrain is - if a line of soldiers has to advance at an enemy that has the higher ground (Battle of Bussaco in particular) will it be fatigued, will it be easier to rout, will the formation of the column/line suffer ? And if soldiers have to charge downfield, do they gainj an advantage, certainly a charge downfield has a greater morale boost then a charge upfield ?

Vic Flange
29th Jun 2004, 10:26
Yep, there'll be a definite advantage to troops attacking downhill and a definite disadvantage to those attacking uphill.