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26th Jun 2004, 09:06
I have recently got Thief 3 and seemed quite happy with it. I have now installed the 1.1 patch and things seem to be wrong (at least now is when I have noticed it).
In Level 3 (starts in Garrets home) enemies that I blackjag or stab don´t stay dead! They fall, I put them somewhere, when I get back they are happily wondering around again. This is rather annoying and might make gameplay quite hard in later levels (I´m good but not that good!);)

Any suggestions?

26th Jun 2004, 12:56
npcs will respawn after a short while if you leave their bodies for a while, hence your "odd" sighting :)

27th Jun 2004, 10:51
Please clarify npcs?

The reason I'm wondering is that both in Thief 2 and in the booklet of thief 3 it says that bodies stay unconscious until the end of the level and not come back after ~30 seconds. (One of the guards that I have to continously knock out carries money - I'm sure I'm not meant to become a millionaire like that? );)

To cut a long story short, are you saying this is not a bug, but is meant to be this way?:confused:

Thanks Chris

14th Jul 2004, 12:32
In the missions they stay dead/unconscious, in the city they respawn after so long.