View Full Version : Crashing problems in Dromed

John D.
25th Jun 2004, 10:50
I've recently noticed a new problem while using the editor, every once in a while when I go into game mode while using it, I hear this terrible noise coming out of the speakers, when I hit Alt-E to get out of game mode, the screen goes blank and the computer locks up and I have to pull the plug in order to get it to restart. This is EXTREMELY unusual, the only thing I've done differently is recently install the 4.6 Catylst drivers. Could this be the source of the problem or is it something else?

Dark Raevin
22nd Jul 2004, 19:16
"Not only that, its very glitchy and it keeps crashing my machine ( not CTD, it reboots my machine !) if I have my colour depth @ 32bit." I posted this in the Dromed 2 thread.

I'm also using Cat4.6 drivers with my 9600XT. Another fine driver problem.

John D.
23rd Jul 2004, 01:19
I've ripped out and rebuilt my mission since then, the problem seems to have gone away but I'm still not certian what caused it in the first place.

Dark Raevin
23rd Jul 2004, 02:53
I'm going to try the Cat 4.7 drivers on the weekend. I hope that fixes the problem, because Dromed, is all we have to make levels for Thief2. I think we will just have to put up with it, glitches and all.
Sorry John, but I've used far better tools for mapping. I guess I need alittle bit of calm and focus to use it.

John D.
23rd Jul 2004, 11:23
I have 4.6 so I dont think that was the problem for me.

Dark Raevin
23rd Jul 2004, 13:34
if its a driver problem either, but I wanted to install Cat4.7 drivers anyway. Like most programs, there is always a glitch to find, when you least expect it.