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Joker II
24th Jun 2004, 18:17

Just wanted to ask some questions concerning the game:

1) Wich is the maximum amount of units on a battlefield?

2) Wich resources will be in the game? ( Food, wood, etc...)

3) Will there be a morale system for units aswell as a fatigue factor?

4) Ive seen in screenshots that units are able to hide behind trees, will they also be able to get into buildings and will this be realisticly done? Meaning that once inside, the building does not become a gattling gun that shoots everything that is near it!!!

5) Wich types of ships will be available?

6) Will there be trading routes for ships?

7) Will ships be able to dock and will there be any animation of units putting ammunitions, food, etc... on the ships before they depart again?

8) How detailed will the fighting for ships be ( holes in there sails, masts breaking off, etc...)?

9) Wich animations will be shown onboard of the ships?

10) How do you become a "Super Moderator" when only being online from this month :D Just kidding this one ;)

See ya,
Joker ;)

25th Jun 2004, 07:21
Answer on question 10:
Souto = PyroStudios employee
thesimonwells = Eidos employee
Vic Flange = Eidos employee

And ofcourse you are kidding, you are here just for one day.;)
Welkom "buurman.":)

Joker II
25th Jun 2004, 07:28
Hi sick,

Well, atleast I got a respons on N°10 hey LoL :D

See ya,
Joker ;)

PS: Groetjes Noorderbuur, en veel geluk vanavond, Hup Holland Hup :D

25th Jun 2004, 08:01
Originally posted by sick

Souto = PyroStudios employee

Check your manual :p

Vic Flange
25th Jun 2004, 11:04
Here you go-

1) From my post on a previous thread:

We haven't gone for 'enormous' battles in this game, rather around 2,000 units simultaneously on-screen. The approach we're taking is to simulate more realistic battles, with great graphical variety between units; a large animation set; detailed, interactive maps and a fairly complex AI system. Basically, we wanted to avoid rows of near identical looking 'toy soldiers' all behaving in more or less the same way.
So, with these factors in mind, along with system spec and control/interface considerations, this is the number we've arrived at.

2) Food, Raw Materials, Population (Surplus), Money, Science/Research capacity

3) Yes, morale will feature

4) You will be able to use various things for cover, e.g. trees, rocks, walls, bits of debris and yes, buildings. Units will enter buildings realistically and take up the most appropriate defensive positions - this feature is already looking great in the code. And we'll make sure during balancing that buildings don't become gatling guns :-)

6) Yes, trade will be an important part of the game

On the Naval questions, we'll go into more detail on this aspect at a later date, but there will obviously be various classes of ships from the period, and you'll be able to employ various strategies to attack ships in different ways

10) :-)

25th Jun 2004, 13:47
Originally posted by @m
Check your manual :p

From the Praetorians manual
Eidos Interactive
Senior Producer: Michael Souto

Now I'm getting confused, because:

From a PM from Grey Mouser
You guess correctly, 2 fellas from Eidos and Mr. Souto from Pyro

Ah well, doesn't really matters. For now I like Vic Flange most!!:D

25th Jun 2004, 14:01
Originally posted by sick
Ah well, doesn't really matters. For now I like Vic Flange most!!:D

Hehe, indeed thanks for taking the time to browse the forums and answer to questions, it's much appreciated :)

Vic Flange
25th Jun 2004, 16:29
No Problem :) I'll try to answer as much as possible in between working on the game and other stuff!

I'm sure Mr Souto will be on here pretty soon (currently out of the office) to tell you all about himself... :)

Joker II
25th Jun 2004, 18:17
Thanks Vic for the explanation ;)

Have one other tough, I saw one screenshot where units where crossing a bridge together with a cannon, now, alltough when the canons have guncrew once on the battlefield, it looked as if the canon was crossing the bridge on it's own.

Is this going to be like that :confused: I hope you guys can make it so that canons will be pulled with horses or atleast be pushed by soldiers :)

Thanks for you're reaction,
Joker ;)

25th Jun 2004, 23:59
Found something that may give you a little bit more information on question:

From the E3 2004 preview of GameSpy
Unfortunately, the company wasn't demonstrating the naval battles yet - though the press materials included with the title indicate that, like garrisoned buildings, ships will be crewed by individual sailors.

Joker II
26th Jun 2004, 08:19
Any idea wich type of units will be onboard do you?

Thanks again, if you would find something about the "transportation of canons"? Please, let me know ;)

See ya,
Joker ;)

26th Jun 2004, 20:15
Hi Folks!

I have one question:
Will Imperial Glory have mounted/dismounted officers...? Or oth forms? Will cavalry and infantry have officers which will form formations with privetes?

Best wishes


Vic Flange
28th Jun 2004, 11:25
On the cannons issue - they'll be pulled by either soldiers or horses, depending on which units you have available. They won't slide around the battlefield on their own :)

As for the officers question - we haven't finalised exactly how they'll work/how they'll be represented yet.

28th Jun 2004, 12:57
Hello All,

Souto here, good to see that Vic Flange is updating you guys regularly, he is indeed the best.
Yes I do work for Eidos and have done so for some time now.

You may not hear a great deal from me on this particular game forum but I will jump in from time to time. I'm working on another title that you will hear more about soon.

Let me say that Imperial Glory looks and plays brilliantly and none of you will be disappointed by what you see and play.



28th Jun 2004, 14:45
Originally posted by Souto
Souto here, good to see that Vic Flange is updating you guys regularly, he is indeed the best.
Welcome, I'm sure we will have a good one on you too, even if you can't come in regularly. After all you can tell more about the game then I can. :)

Originally posted by Souto
I'm working on another title that you will hear more about soon.

When can we expect the announcement?

Originally posted by Souto
Let me say that Imperial Glory looks and plays brilliantly and none of you will be disappointed by what you see and play.
I'm looking forward to it!!

28th Jun 2004, 15:04
Soon ;)

29th Jun 2004, 03:07
speaking of officers, If they are killed, will the morale suffer ? Will inexperienced troops just completely fall apart if they see their command structure crumble ?

Will the skirmishers implement an officers-sergeants-soldiers scale, where they go after officers first, sergeans second, and soldiers last ?

Will we see cavalry officers challenge each other to one-on-one combat in the more smaller battles ?

Vic Flange
1st Jul 2004, 09:07
On your points-

1) Yes, the death of commanders will affect troops. Precise effects are yet to be finalised but morale will suffer

2) We're still tuning some AI but this is a distinct possibility

3) Not yet decided

Not fantastically informative answers, but that's where we are in development at the moment :)

Joker II
1st Jul 2004, 11:24
Hi Vic,

Thanks for the info, alltough it's not really much :D

The thing I'm wondering about is wether formations or when let's say 20 or 30 soldiers are engaging the enemy, will they fight separatly, meaning man to man, or will they just make one bunch of all soldiers standing in one group and some of them fighting the enemy while the others are just waiting, picking there nose or whatever :rolleyes:

Because, in all RTS games, that happens and it would be great to see this being changed dramatically into something more realistic ;)

See ya,
Joker ;)

1st Jul 2004, 12:21
If they use the same system as in Praetorians, they'll probably fight together. If I'm not mistaken, in Praetorians they fight together, so you can see 1 vs 1 but also 2 or more taking care of one :D

1st Jul 2004, 13:44
Yes, but there is a limit though.
When your enemy is outnumbered some of your soldiers won't attack but enjoy the view.:)
The others just keep on fighting, ofcourse.

3rd Jul 2004, 00:07
Will there be a fog-of-war? I didn't see it on the screenshots. It seems unlogic to me that units on lower grounds can see units up on a hill.

3rd Jul 2004, 00:21
Maybe in some battles, but I would assume, that in general, everyone knew where everyone was. Unless there was some flanking maneuvre several miles away, or a group of skirmishers, hiding in some woods. Certainly, nothing larger then a company could effectively conceal anything about their movements.

4th Jul 2004, 00:58
Is the player asked to be any specific leader, or user-created leader or will it be like games such as Age of Empires where you are just a floating hand? ;)

Also, based on your actions do you/your nations become 'Known' for things, e.g If on the battle field you often use stealth/surprise tactics(pooping out from behind trees) would you have a reputation as a sneak?

Vic Flange
5th Jul 2004, 16:45
Hi all,
Some comments on these points-

1) Melee combat: One of the things we're working hard to get right is the realism of the battles. We want to avoid having people standing around doing nothing when they could be attacking the enemy; we're also aiming to incorporate as many anims as possible, so that people don't attack in the same way over and over again

2) Fog of War: Yes, will be included in some form. We're looking into a number of options to decide the best way of implementing this

3) Specific leaders: There will be leaders of the period in the game but it's yet to be determined whether you'll actually play as one of them

4) Becoming 'known' for things: No concrete plans for this at the moment but it's a nice idea :)

5th Jul 2004, 18:53
How about cowardice ?
Will leaders show cowardice, by preferring to retreat, or take up a defensive position, when the situation calls for action ? Will they try to do anything to avoid being hurt (go in the back, and not be in the front of the firing) ?

How about individual soldiers, will some show cowardice, and retreat, while the rest are attacking (unlikely, since if they are caught - they will be hanged.)

Vic Flange
8th Jul 2004, 09:06
On the leaders, I mentioned earlier that we haven't finalised exactly how they'll work, so we'll have to see on this...

22nd Jul 2004, 20:45
Hi everyone !

I'm very curious about this game. So far it looks very attractive: nice graphics with all the details that make this period in history so colourfull and interesting.

As in every war(game) a good command-structure is essential.
Commanders started with giving orders to their sub-commanders.
These sub-commanders would try to follow these orders at all times. Only the very competent ones would react on their own to new, contradicting information or developments on the battlefield. The commander had to send messengers to change given orders, or pray his sub-commander would react correctly.
Then there would allways be the risk that the messenger would be killed or (even worse) be captured.

I think it would be a nice idea to incorporate these aspects in some way into this game.
Any reactions ?