View Full Version : Mortal Mech Cherub

John D.
24th Jun 2004, 07:13
I've got the little guy set to fight, but I want to make him killable. I see he has some of the same receptrons as the big boys-but what makes him immortal?

24th Jun 2004, 18:01
All the Reactions are set to Abort.

John D.
24th Jun 2004, 18:40
Got it! I've made the change to the gamesys, swords, blackjacks and firearrows will kill the little creeps now. Thanks! it's about time the Mechanist's creations were brought to their full potential...*evil grin*:cool:

25th Jun 2004, 14:21
It would be cool to flinderize those guys into a series of gears and gold body parts. :D

25th Jun 2004, 18:24
Well it's possible with Zombies.

A while ago I had a look at a bit of zombie in Anim8or and I noticed there was a little vhot, which I think determines the initial direction the thing flies in.