View Full Version : FFXIV: System Configuration Questions

24th Aug 2013, 15:41
So not long after I started my camera messed up and had a mouse icon on the screen how do you get rid of that so your camera controls work again?

How do you set the game to 720p on the ps3?

24th Aug 2013, 15:43
but where is the invert mouse option?

looked everywhere

24th Aug 2013, 15:45
Should just need to go into System Config and go from there. When you can get back in world.

24th Aug 2013, 15:45

24th Aug 2013, 16:12
Please could some1 help I had to log off game to fix that camera problem and I just really would like to know how to fix it (what buttons do i need to press?)

24th Aug 2013, 16:19
The manual at the start screen says L1+R3 toggles the virtual mouse on/off...Hope that works haven't got to log on and try it yet.

24th Aug 2013, 16:20
thanks ill try that

any idea about the 720p?

24th Aug 2013, 16:30
It says there is a system configuration..... main menu>system tab>system configuration......I'm still waiting on the download so I can't test it. I was just reading the manual so I hope that helps ya.

6th Oct 2013, 23:25
I am trying to switch movement of character from controller back to keyboard and mouse. How can I do that?

7th Oct 2013, 06:26
Somewhere in the System Configuration (or whatever it's called) in the System menu, not able to login to check right now but everything to do with hardware setup is in there somewhere.