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John Carter
22nd Jun 2004, 23:56
Well, this looks like fun! Long overdue for a game of this sort, been a long time since "Imperialism", and I hated the combat resolution of that game, not nearly as fun as sweeping cinematic battles, for which Pyro is certainly well-known.

Questions for developers:

What is the period modelled in "early 19th century", Napoleonic era only or up through the Crimean War or so timeframe?

Is there any strategic modelling of resources/drains of resources due to off-map colony issues?

Are there significant diplomatic mechanisms available in single-player games, in campaign mode and not bound to specific scenarios?

How much logistical management, if any, is present in the gameplay?

Vic Flange
23rd Jun 2004, 09:04
On your questions:

Timeframe: We're mostly concentrating around the Napoleonic era and just before/after this period, but the game is by no means just about Napoleon and his campaigns. It's rather a general setting, where actual historical events will occur but at the same time the user is free to play the game in whichever manner he/she chooses (somewhat like Civ).

Off-map colony issues: These may feature in a specific part of the game, though we'll go into more detail about that at a later date.

Diplomacy: This will be a significant area of the game and no, it's not bound to any specific scenarios.

Logistical Management: By this do you mean Resources etc? If so yes, they will feature in the game and the user will need to manage them. There is also something along the lines of an 'auto-manage', for people who'd rather concentrate on the battles.

John Carter
24th Jun 2004, 11:42
Thanks for the info.

Resource management on the strategic level and the ability to let the game manage it is cool. How about logistics on the tactical map, all handled for you, or do units have ammo requirements that must be replenished by some game mechanism, supply trains, that sort of thing?

Vic Flange
24th Jun 2004, 17:50
Currently we don't have plans to implement supply trains, but your armies will consume food so you'll need to balance the needs of your Empire with the size of your armies.

John Carter
28th Jun 2004, 00:32
Thanks again! One more question, will the units have experience modifiers, and if so, will replacements dilute the overall experience bonus of the units?

Vic Flange
28th Jun 2004, 12:53
Yes, experience will figure. On exactly how it will work and what it will affect - whilst we do have a plan for this, we'll be looking at the whole area during balancing so I wouldn't want to say anything concrete just yet.