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22nd Jun 2004, 01:39
they really need to make a online play mode for the consoles w/ the headset and a 2 player co-cop mode. i think its retarded that theyre CHOOSING not to make a co-op mode or multiplayer online mode for the consoles.

Look at the BEST new games that SELL THE BEST...ALL MULTIPLAYER!:

Madden = 2 player and online mutiplayer

SOCOM 2 = Online multiplay (Millions play)

Baseball Games(MLB, ASB, etc.) = 2 player and online multiplayer

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow = Online Mulitplayer

Fight Night = 2 player and online multplayer

Medal Of Honor = 2 player co op and online multiplayer

Syphon Filter = 2 player and online multiplayer


22nd Jun 2004, 01:48
If they need to delay it more, work on it harder, it will be worth i wish they would realize that look at my post...and think about how much money those companys and games probably make. That should be enough to make them say "hmm, maybe hes right that would make us a **** LOAD OF MONEY"


22nd Jun 2004, 13:09
#1 those are all your picks for good games
#2 shut the (insert fav. 4-letter word here) up

they already have the game finished they aren't goin' to change it any more and if they do it wont be a really major change like totally changing the design concepts. this game was made with certain ideas in mind you might as well tell them to make a brand new game.

sorry for venting but i've had enough of the online topic.
(IT WON'T HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!)

22nd Jun 2004, 13:53
Well, here's a hot-sports opinion...

Kill on-line play for the consoles. Save your development money for PC multiplayer and coop.

That's the last thing that we need is another good game ruined by console dilution.

22nd Jun 2004, 16:00
SHUT THE...blah blah blah

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play on folks....

the whale
18th Aug 2004, 05:09
shut up, just SHUT UP!! you have like 19 threads on this already. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN, CRY ABOUT IT.

18th Aug 2004, 16:39
ya you guys really have to shut up about the multiplayer thing. Guerrilla didn't put online play in for a reason( wanted to focus all their time on singleplayer to make it as realistic and enjoyable as possible), so I highly doubt they'll turn around a month before the release date and include multiplayer because some noob said there should be.

Also if there was online play for Shellshock, I think it will take away from the dark/serious mood they're trying to portray.

18th Aug 2004, 17:54
I also find this is getting rather irritating. :mad:

For the LAST time!! There will be NO online/multiplayer/co-op support!

I know it really stinks, but that is how Guerilla decided to make the game. Single player only.

Also, for future reference, leave the sexual innuendo's at home. Kids do in fact visit these boards, and I feel that we can all act a little more mature when posting here. :rolleyes:

This is politely directed in Pro Online Gameplay's direction.

...otherwise, I will have to get the ol' boot on and start banning some folks....

18th Aug 2004, 23:46
*always one to defend an underdog...even one so dumb as this one* Technically PRO ONLINE guy hasn't posted his 52 million online posts since last time the forum was up. The whale just dug up an old thread (Which was cool cuz I didn't know they were still there. Just had to adjust the view options). However, there are still people asking so making it an "IMPORTANT" thread was probably a good idea. Thanks JJ :D

19th Aug 2004, 00:37
No problemo muchaho


the whale
19th Aug 2004, 01:58
i didn't dig them up, I just went to the posts from him, I didn't even know there were two forums.

19th Aug 2004, 05:38
well its good to see all the regulars back in here...yes including PRO ONLINE PLAY and all of his topics about all of the same things which of course is -online play- but yeah man...i thought we already went over the fact that this game is supposed to be a SINGLE player game ONLY....but OK...i dont want to be flaming or trolling or whatever but i dont think they are gonna have it and if they do that would kick arse....im out

22nd Aug 2004, 00:41
Exactly, I mean, I can see what they mean about no online play, thats fairly understanable, but come on, no 2 player co-op, thats just stupid! It would still be realistic, but hey, some people ARE stupid, and there is nothing we can do about it.