View Full Version : Bullet holes Slashes and other Marks

19th Jun 2004, 21:47
by lookingat the screenshots i didnt see any bullet holes in the people, no gore except of things done by the computer, and in one screen shot i see a soldier slicing a vietnamize with some blood coming out but no slice mark or anything. Whats up with this? aside from making online play with all this time from now until september they should fix this to make the game more realistic. And there whole thing is to show te real horrors of the war...i didnt know there was no bullet marks and slice marks in vietnam?

21st Jun 2004, 20:10
well maybe its just censored for mags and advertizement... cuz i've seen a lot of games that do things like that:rolleyes:

21st Jun 2004, 20:17
yeah not that much has really been released either