View Full Version : Online Play For Consoles...anyone Agree?

19th Jun 2004, 21:14
Online play for this game would be awesome. Especially with the huge delay would that be the perfect time to add in an online mode for the consoles? An online mode is will make people choose that game over maybe the new SOCOM, or some other simular wargame. ONLINE PLAY FOR THE CONSOLES (OR AT LEAST PS2) THEY HAVE ALL THIS TIME TO MAKE THE GAME ONLINE FOR CONSOLES. WHO AGREES?

20th Jun 2004, 08:18
yeah it would be cool but im sure they are more worried about the graphics (bullet holes slash marks) like you said...plus it would be kinda complicated to make it an online game since the game itself is ment for single player only...yep...then if they make it online they have to give you an option to be NVA and then they have to worry about all of that...but yeah your right it would be pretty dope if it was online. Later


Coffin nails
22nd Jun 2004, 01:47
am i the only one who is gonna buy this fer PC i dont like consoles much but thats just my opinion dont shoot me

22nd Jun 2004, 01:59
well i meant for the PC too i was just emphasizing on the consoles because i have PS2 myself and i was hoping at least they would make it onlnie and 2 player co-op for that

22nd Jun 2004, 12:44
I was thinkin' about the PC too but im not sure if i'll have good enough specs for the game, so i might just get PS2. Have the PC requirements come out yet?

22nd Jun 2004, 13:58







Suck it up, Mollies, buy a good PC.

No, no...(hehh)--but seriously. The name of this "next generation" of games is going to be extreme realism. Physics. Graphics. The memory and video requirements, not to mention the processor requirements are going to blow many current PC's out of the water--not to mention leave the existing consoles in the stone ages.

Wake up and visit nVidia's & ATI's websites, and then go and read something about PCI express and the new Intel chipsets... It's going to cost a lot of money to play many of these new games. These games aren't going to work on many "mid-end" machines with "mid-end" video cards. That's the catch with the consoles--you'll get new consoles out ever 3-4 years. With the advancements in video technology in the last 6 months alone--your consoles are....

sadly obsolete.

Oh well.

22nd Jun 2004, 15:34
ok look i am a PC guy (more so than a console guy) but from the past consoles out last PCs. i mean i still have my playstation and still play it every now and then. my ps2 is here to stay at least for 3-4 more years i would say, but i've gone through alot more PCs. i bought a laptop last summer and im already considering buying a brand new desktop. if its a question of what will become obsolete first it will most likely be PCs (not because they are inferior but because they advance so quickly)

22nd Jun 2004, 15:58
Well, I think that you're arguing my point.

To some degree--a console will last for 3-4 years from a developer's point of view. Look at X-box and PS2--when they shipped, everything was fantastic--because the hardware inside of them matched the latest hardward for the PC.

But now, 2-3 years into the PS2 and Xbox's lifespans--the internal components are obsolete. The regular user has to deal with inferior performance and video, etc, etc...and promises of the next console hardware.

Console's are static. That's a blessing--but its also a curse.

If you're a PC guy, and I mean a true PC guy--then you embrace your ability to, through a 3-4 year life span--continually upgrade memory, add-subtrack hard drives, continually upgrade swap out video cards, etc, etc... All to enable you to run new games at the highest degree of functionality.