View Full Version : How do I play TR1 with my gamepad?

19th Jun 2004, 11:39
I have an 8-button PC gamepad but when I try to configure the buttons it only recognises the first 4 buttons.
The pad works fine on all other games.

I'm finding it pretty tough going using a keyboard, since I am mostly a console gamer. But before you suggest playing it on PSX I'm playing the PC version for the extra levels. :)

So how do I make it recognise all 8 buttons (or at least 6 of them)?

And for the record I'm using WinXP (glidos).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

Lara Croft Online
19th Jun 2004, 12:38
Way back when I played TR 1 with a Sidewinder Gamepad.
It was almost identical to a PSX Controller and I was able
to create a profile that asigned a button to the keystroke.
If you are able to do that with your pad it should work the same.