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Private Joker
19th Jun 2004, 06:41
This comic deserves a cult following. Yup, it's that bad.


19th Jun 2004, 08:25
HAHAHAHAHA LOL oh my sweet mother mary that was the greatest thing i have ever seen...You HAVE to read that thing every one oh jesus...lol...the begining is boring at first but it gets real lively in the middle when old Roger gets stoned with the Jungle people

21st Jun 2004, 03:13

21st Jun 2004, 18:41
I wanna be just like Tod Holton, Super Green Beret when i grow up.

Sadly, here is the real reason America lost the Viet Nam War:Tod has the actually intelligent idea of turning the enemy to stone, but Roger reacts with such revulsion at this crime against nature that Tod never, ever thought again of doing it. If he'd only said "All real Viet Cong! Turn to stone!"
Presto, the war would've ended that minute.
Instead, traumatized by Roger's remark, he tried to win the war with magic monkeys.

yep it's that crazy:p

Private Joker
21st Jun 2004, 20:16
One defenseless Cong gets his neck broken, another gets a machine gun emptied into him from an inch away, a third gets strangled...It's the scene Spielberg decided was too violent for "Saving Private Ryan."

21st Jun 2004, 20:28
Now excuse me, I have to call Moscow on the hotline. "Hello, are you Stalin? Why, what are you waiting for? Ha ha!" *click*

Private Joker how in the world did you find this?

Private Joker
21st Jun 2004, 20:36
It was posted some months ago in a forum I post at. I had it in my Favorites folders, to show the world the truth of what really happened in Vietnam.