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19th Jun 2004, 01:45
Yeah very short, one: what do you get if you download one of the privates? And second: are there any vets here, if so what do you think of the game?

19th Jun 2004, 02:00

19th Jun 2004, 15:31
im not a vet but im most certain they wouldnt like that somebody is making a GAME based on things that ruined there life.games are meant to be enjoyed,nam wasnt

19th Jun 2004, 21:10
well them themselves dont have to play, i think the game will teach people about how vietnam was REALLY like in a fun way of shooting up some g**ks at the same time. JUST SOME ONLINE FOR THE CONSOLES!

19th Jun 2004, 21:20
thats the thing it wont tell u what its like. its a game! this game wont change the way u feel abot nam it will just make you lik e the war and favor it.think of it thins way..your playing a video game based on a event that killed and wounded hundreds and thousands of people.an the worst part is ur gloating about it.im not saying dont play the game. just lay off the violence of it."shooting up some g**ks"<like that.

21st Jun 2004, 02:56
well not exactly... it can teach you of da tragities of that specific war... because ppl (well alteast most normal ones) dont like to see decapitated heads and ppl who are hung, this game lets us know that the war was deeper than just jungles and helicopters it lets us know that ppl suffered... so i think games like these help us learn the truth and idolize history-ish lol :) :rolleyes:

Coffin nails
21st Jun 2004, 04:42
my older brother was in vietnam and he thinks every game they make about his war is good because it lets you know people actually died over there it wasent just some far away conflict in these games when your in over your head you might think man how did these guys do it and thats all he wants vets just want to be remembered as soldiers who fought and died for each other not for any country or these bastards at home who protest war protests just lower moral i mean when i was in Iraq every time i saw people protesting on our camp TV we were ****ing pissed i hate those people how unamerican are they you can say you support the troops but if you say that you hate what we are fighting and dieing for just go **** yourselves

sorry for the cussing but now im pissed

21st Jun 2004, 05:59
i agreee.... we're in da same country and they are fighting for us... we should b supporting our troops and not discourage them by protesting what they are fighting and dying for us...
-BTW poolie for the Marines = ) -

21st Jun 2004, 18:22
one: what do you get if you download one of the privates?
i think its kinda obvious but A: the picture of that girl
(side note: #3 has a messed-up a...... umm... butt)

second: are there any vets here, if so what do you think of the game?
um I'm not but I say "hellya" to supporting our troops and .... well I'll leave out my comment to the protesters.

(although they are only practicing their American Freedoms ..... punks)

21st Jun 2004, 21:22
My dad usually doesnt like games about war if they are unrealistic because he thinks it gives people false inpressions about how it was, hoepfully this will be realistic enough so he won't be mad at it.