View Full Version : With All This Time You Guys Have (till September) Make Online

18th Jun 2004, 23:36
YOU 3 MONTHS BEFORE RELEASE..MAKE THE GAME ONLINE. your talking about wanting to sell more? so you wait 3 months? want to make even more money? HAVE IT WITH ONLINE PLAY! SO SO SO many people play socom, room after room filled with 300 people. imagine those people ALONE tranfering to this game online, not to metion the people in it for the single player. Making the game online will benifit YOU WITH $$$ AND US WITH A BETTER FOR FUN AND LASTING GAME!!!

18th Jun 2004, 23:39
I havent really been sure about the game being delayed as being true or not... so it is true right? If it is witch I guess it well, is then yah they could whip up an online play mode in 3 months im sure.

18th Jun 2004, 23:44
yes they deffinetly should. and im not very sure about the delay but i just heard about it on that forum so if its true they they should make it online. Even if there isnt a delay, delay the game JUST enough to make an online mode for the consoles. If they want to make money, and people hooked onto their games, i cant think of a better way than making an online play mode for consoles (PS2 if anything)

Coffin nails
22nd Jun 2004, 01:08
if there has been a delay there is probably a problem with the game and if it is somthin else i dont believe they can just "whip up" online play it is a little more complicated they have to make all new levels or modify levels for each online map and they have to figure how they are going to be played it is harder then you might think

22nd Jun 2004, 01:12
your probably right but whatever they can do it if they want that much money that bad even if they may have to delay it a little longer they should it will be worth it finacially for them

Coffin nails
22nd Jun 2004, 01:18
ya but i just dont want some crappy death match thing so if they do it will probably suck but thats just my opinion

22nd Jun 2004, 01:42
no trust me if you ever played socom let me tell you that game is sick and addicting. SO SO SO many people play that game, room after room full of 356 people in each, at least 200 of them

if they really want to make $$$ and a great game, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND 2 PLAYER CO-OP ARE VITAL

22nd Jun 2004, 14:16
I agree with that, mostly.

But you know what?

The game is done--for the most part. The guys working on the game aren't the ones who made this decision. The PC version of the game is likely all boxed up, ready to go, ready to be put into stores...

The corporate "experts" did this.

22nd Jun 2004, 16:05
yea i meant for the consoles but whatever they are just about as smart as Jack, which doesnt say much