View Full Version : Any Vietnam vets?

17th Jun 2004, 18:28
I was jsut wondering if anyone here was actually in Vietnam, or if you had a relative in Vietnam. My dad fought in Vietnam as an Army Ranger from 1968-69. He was the radioman and his favorite weapon was the m14 because of its extreme power.

Private Joker
17th Jun 2004, 19:44
My dad is a Vietnam vet. He's a native Puerto Rican who served between '67-'68 in the 9th Infantry Division. Theres an old picture of him in my mom's living room from the day he arrived in PR from the war, in a military suit and having a few beers with some of the people from his neighborhood at a local bar.

17th Jun 2004, 20:51
My uncle was a marine in nam. He was going to be drafted so he joined the Marine corp dont ask me why I have no Idea?:confused: He was wounded by a mine while walking point on a patrol and to this day still has shrapnal in his leg. he doesnt like to talk about his time there and I dont blame him.

18th Jun 2004, 17:30
it was prolly cuz if you were drafted you got alot less respect from people and the other soldiers and officers than if u joined voluntarily. Also the pay is more.

18th Jun 2004, 23:02
Originally posted by HyPNoTiK
it was prolly cuz if you were drafted you got alot less respect from people and the other soldiers and officers than if u joined voluntarily. Also the pay is more.

But why join the Marine Corp. why not the Navy or airforce a branch of the service that you didnt have to go into the bush and get shoot at by Charlie?:confused:

18th Jun 2004, 23:21
Well, cause the Marines were in the bush, and airforce bases were prone to attack in the Nam. With the Navy, you could get stuck on a PBR in the Mekong or something.

19th Jun 2004, 03:31
Dang this man knows his stuff...PBR a.k.a bullet magnet

21st Jun 2004, 03:15
I doubt its only cuz da marines were "stuck in da bush" i think its because people who were put in the draft were sent to the Army with little training... and the army were to hold towns...(which were dangerous) but joining the marines (which i agree w/ Mr. Z over ther) was highly respectable by other branches and paid more but also because it had a higher survival rate because of the extended training the marines had...(because marines are expected to "spearhead" town's cities, villages etc... then hand over to army to handle any existing opposing force, while marines head to the next objective) but im not trying to make the army look bad, or infuriour in any way they are a good branch but their survial rate was alot lower cuz of their lack of training (trust me i study military tactics, stratagies, history and weaponary)

Coffin nails
21st Jun 2004, 05:07
my brother was drafted into the army early in vietnam im not sure when though he then joined for a second tour in vietnam as a army ranger and after 2 more years came home then rejoined as airbourne he was a paratrooper till the day he died he was killed jumping on a grenade when some gook **** threw a willy pete into a hut he was in he was helping a medic give medical aide to a village he was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously he was the best man i ever knew and dont think this is braging or anything there were thousands of medal of honor resipient and every man that served in vietnam was a more brave man then me and anyone ive ever met and i was in Iraq i met some brave people

Coffin nails
22nd Jun 2004, 01:37
i guess know one else knows any vets huh?