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17th Jun 2004, 04:23
anyone know what the go is with the so called r&r option in the game, i've heard there it is possible to to hire ladies....any ideas????

17th Jun 2004, 13:01
All i heard was that you can try and hook it up with the base nurse or there is a brothel off base. I don't know how the whole off-the-base thing is gonna work though. Anyone got any more info.

17th Jun 2004, 23:38
No, but it sounds really cool though. I'm really glad they put the period music in though.

17th Jun 2004, 23:42
yeah i think the music will really add to the atmostphere of the game
tour of duty fan zeke???

18th Jun 2004, 13:46
lol...how'd you guess?

18th Jun 2004, 15:13
As far as the music goes i hope they have more than just whats on the web-site. I don't know about all but i need something alittle more hard-core when im killing people, and alot of the songs on the site are ...well... kinda mellow.

18th Jun 2004, 15:58
maby the rolling stones, cream or something

18th Jun 2004, 18:45
What about some of the songs they have on Battlefield: Vietnam?

18th Jun 2004, 23:23
Man, thats just a taste of what's out there. There are tonnes of songs they can use, from rock to motown.

19th Jun 2004, 16:46
Yeah those songs on battlefield: vietnam were kick arse! but some people say they are too cliche...which is kinda true u hear those songs on like every Nam movie ever made...but oh well they do need some more fast pace tracks though. Later


19th Jun 2004, 16:49
You know what would be funny...in the game your all going offbase to pound some VC lady and then outta no where 10 NVA troops come rushing mad screaming out "Fung Low chung now!" and shooting their AK-47's and RPD's at you...that would be funny but it would suck big ones and then you kill them all get to your little whore and she pulls out a 45 and busts a cap in your juggular....oh yeah that would be Nam in the making baby:D

21st Jun 2004, 19:43
haha funny.... but that was a lil....RANDOM haha