View Full Version : random green pixels in demo

16th Jun 2004, 11:43
Apologies if this had been covered elsewhere, but I have just bought a 9800pro to play T:DS and I'm getting good frame rates,. I'm only playing the demo at the moment, but I'm getting these annoying green pixels that appear randomly, usually in the distance or darkened areas.

Now, I have tried all ATI's 4.x drivers and omega's custom drivers, amd fiddled around with the settings for hours, but I cannot get rid of them.

I also get them in 3dsmax when hitting play (ie viewing an animation in the viewport)

But, I don't get them in Deus Ex at all.

~So my question is, is this is problem with the Theif engine, that is going to be fixed?

OR, should I return my card as faulty (only a few days old)

Any advice appreciated - I am holding off buying the game until I get this sorted, as it really ruins the experience


16th Jun 2004, 20:48
I am experiencing almost the same problem - however, I am getting green lines and I am running an Nvidia 5700. I haven't heard about any problems on the ATI cards though. It looks like this may not be a driver problem - but an engine problem...

17th Jun 2004, 08:18
Do you get this in any other games or applications or just Thief?

What is confusing to me is I get it in 3dsmax as well (which implies its driver or hardware) but not in other games such as DX:IW (which imples an engine problems or something) :confused:

I am considering returning the card and buying a xbox instead - at least I can be sure of it running!

17th Jun 2004, 13:18
I don't have problems in any other apps or games... I play UT Series, Battlefield series, NWN, Far Cry, etc.

As for me I'll be sticking by my pc - I personally can't stand the console controls!