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Private Joker
16th Jun 2004, 06:19
I heard you can customize your character in a number of ways, such as getting him tattoos, sunglasses, etc. What other customizable features are available?

16th Jun 2004, 20:36
Well you probably already know this one but Race (Caucasian African-American or Hispanic). I happen to thing this is a good feature often skipped or over-looked in most games. It allows people to get into the character more. I'm White but if i was of a different race I'd feel less "into" the game if i was always some white guy. I don't think gender is an option (Not sure if women even fought over there, I know they were nurses though), so sorry gamer-ladies, guess you just have to pretend harder.

Is the game detailed enough to have options on hair color, etc. And will there be different uniforms worn during the game.

17th Jun 2004, 18:24
It would be cool if you could graffiti on your helmet and choose what kind of camo you want: tiger stripe, regular, etc...

17th Jun 2004, 23:17
Yeah, that graffiti thing would be cool. My helmet would read:

Make War Not Love

18th Jun 2004, 15:19
I dunno bout the whole helmet thing (don't think it'll be there) but mine would have to say: "Sackin' the MAN" :cool:

18th Jun 2004, 15:51
i would have " kill em all, let god sort em out"

18th Jun 2004, 23:12
Mine would say, lets just say a certain slang word GIs us for Vietnamize (G**k killer)

18th Jun 2004, 23:20
haha firefight i would have to agree with the g**k killer one

18th Jun 2004, 23:57
Mine would read : Making Vietnam a better place, one nva g**k at a time. :D

19th Jun 2004, 05:09
Mine would be - NUKE THA G**K

19th Jun 2004, 08:57
So we cant be asian dudes...i mean im Filipino...so im basically a g**k ....and i cant be a g**ker!?...oh well i guess i'll just make my guy hispanic...

21st Jun 2004, 03:20
haha ok im flipino too alrite soo listen up.... WERE NOT ASIANS WE"RE PACIFIC ISLANDERS lol

21st Jun 2004, 03:26
neways mine would say " lets turn up da heat on da g**ks in the hootch"
(for u ppl who dont understand "call up the flamethrowers on the g**ks hiding in da hut" :) )

21st Jun 2004, 03:29
or maybe " when is my free ride in dem freedom birds?"

21st Jun 2004, 04:02

Cloaked Figure
21st Jun 2004, 13:42
Mine would say: 5 dollar love you long time.

21st Jun 2004, 19:28
so is that message to the other soldiers?!

haha jk

21st Jun 2004, 21:18
mine would say: Captain Winkie

Private Joker
21st Jun 2004, 22:39
Mine would say: God Is My Pointman

21st Jun 2004, 22:54
mine would say

***** Eidos for ruining summer '04

22nd Jun 2004, 00:56
I agree with you Capon! PREACH!

22nd Jun 2004, 01:00