View Full Version : Dance Raider 5 !

Marcus T
14th Jun 2004, 21:42
Anniversary time! By the end of May 1999, I released my first composition – the original Dance Raider.

5 years has passed. TR/Music fans are still supporting, and I’ve made many good friends through the years. To commemorate this, I have been working on – fittingly enough (and perhaps not so surprising, these things considered) – Dance Raider 5. An article covering the event, where I also discuss some future plans in terms of online music - is now available at: www.tombnews.com

Feedback is always welcome. I hope you will enjoy the new ”chapter” in the Dance Raider series - the first to contain vocals. I'd like to extend my thanks to all who has supported me these years, rock on!

Lara Croft Online
15th Jun 2004, 03:59
Great Tune thanks :) I know it's good cause I re-played it about 4 or 5 times so far! :D