View Full Version : Seto No Hanayome (My Bride is a Mermaid!)

27th Jun 2012, 23:30
Was perusing my usual figure collecting site and came across a Figma of this mermaid character named Seto San and got curious about it. Upon looking into it, I was not really all that surprised to have come across yet another SE title. (This one was serialized in Gangan Wing, although in 2007) I vaguely remember seeing the trailer for this at Otakon not last year but the previous one and happen to have the convention tag with this series on it. Have not checked it out yet, but have definite plans to now.

Anyone seen this?

28th Jun 2012, 09:27
I'm aware of this one because of ANN, Otaku USA or possibly both. The article I read was about the anime though, and Funimation (surprise, surprise) released it here in America. I think it is some sort of yakuza love story with a mermaid twist. You found another SE manga without any news of a release here.

29th Jun 2012, 00:11
*Looks for Otakon badge*

Hmm.....the badge that had this on it was for 2010. That's...a bit of a lag between series ending and the NA release. Some series, like Puella Magi Madoka Magica had only about half a year's wait time before release here but some series languish for what seems like eternity. Better than in the old days where very few series saw formal release here Stateside so I guess this isn't bad. Cult popularity perhaps? Could be worse...

*glares at Nagano Mamoru's GOTHICMADE, which is just going to be out in either October/November after being in Newtype USA's 2006 issue*

...Could be lots worse. >_>