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John D.
14th Jun 2004, 02:28
Whose got some? Here's a few of my adventures...

1-when I was making Brawl in the Tombs, I began putting the human ai in their respective areas before placing undead. In the Mechanist area I had a crossbow girl set up to make a circular patrol of the area, however when I checked in-game she began her patrol, then made a sharp left turn and walked across the entire level to the Hammer area where she began to patrol with the Hammers. Wondering what the hell had happened, I checked and double checked only to find out I had screwed up an aipatrollink and linked to the wrong number (in the hammer patrol area).

Helpful hint: the persistent_player_pos command! (You can usually just type per in the lower box on the right and hit tab to fill the rest. It sure beats dragging the starting point all over the map to inspect and develop certian areas.

2-Testing a door setup in one of the tomb areas in order to make sure they could be blown with a fire arrow to release the Haunts inside for some good bloody fun with the Hammer guards. Moved in to take a closer look-forgot to turn aiawareofplayer on!:eek:

Helpful hint: If you want to set up a similar ai fight, instead of putting the burden on the player to figure out how to make it happen the way you want him to see it (some people missed out and one poor soul blew himself up tampering with the door from the other side), try using a concrete roombrush in the area you want to be the player's vantage point (at a somewhat safe distance in a dark area preferably) and control device link it to the door/explosive/etc to start the fun. I did this on a smaller scale in Burglary in Blackbrook.

3-In the current mission I'm working on, I have a large dimly-lit room to the side where I put new ai and models in the FM to test them and see how they look, I was checking out some new bookshelves from Nameless Voice with some new textures I was using to customize it to my own needs when I hear the sound of footsteps moving rapidly toward me from behind. Turning around, I nearly jumped out of my skin before being smashed.

Helpful hint: Know where enemy ai is at all times!

Oh did I also mention the hours of fun you spend when you're trying to make those #@#$ objectives work when in the end you remember you forgot to put VictoryCheck in the script box!:p

14th Jun 2004, 14:00
I once tried to make a sports car out of terrain brushes. :o
And I don't mean a nice easy wedge shape like a Lotus Esprit, it was more like the sort of thing that wins a Le Mans.

I also tried to make my house. To the nearest inch. Inlcuding the exact shape of the doorframes. I actually got out a tape measure for maximum accuracy. I soon learned that whatever Dromeds units are, they cannot be feet.

John D.
21st Jun 2004, 22:17
There's always the fun game of 'out of range error again!? What the #!@#@ went wrong now!':mad: :rolleyes:

19th Jul 2004, 06:21
Here's one of my stories:

In one case as I recall; only 1 out of 357 lights reached the surface.
When I tried to select one of the lights that did not reach the surface, it appeared as a horrible dark nothingness, like a void of existence in itself.
All I could see is the yellow brush around it, the light itself did not exist in this universe though.
I wondered why dromed crashed on me madly, while Lights didn't reach surfaces.
Apperently, I've run out of lights!
The limit is 736. Dynamic lights not included, but their limit is 60.
Soo many lights I had....

...and the moral is- Don't use too many lights, or objects or brushes, because you can run out...

-Saintly Architect Alexius
The Hammerite Imperium (http://imperium.webz.cz/) Lead
-Dromed Architecture Tutorial Supreme (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71559)

John D.
19th Jul 2004, 10:31
EWWW! so that's what happens when you go over the limit.:eek:

evil Garrett
20th Jul 2004, 14:05
Oh, dear. And what kind of FM is that????? Is it finished, and if it is, why don't you upload it somewhere and give us a link?

20th Jul 2004, 15:58
That's Hammerite Imperium mission 2:
Clicky for screenshots:
It's around 70% done actually.

evil Garrett
26th Jul 2004, 17:04
Wow, what a beautiful level design.I think that this Hammerite imperium will be very good!70 percent, so i'll see it soon i guess.I saw new textures too, all screenshots were incredible.