View Full Version : POOF-the disappearing texture!

John D.
13th Jun 2004, 18:54
I have a couple of textures from the original texture families that like to do a disappearing act when I restart dromed. I put them back, but a few saves later they're gone again! How do I stop this?:confused:

13th Jun 2004, 19:11
I did a search on TTLG and found this, from Dark Arrow:

Don't know what the problem could be, but something about Shape>Txtrepl r0:
Do not add the property to an object in the object hierarchy! Adding it will cause the texture to disappear from your level.

John D.
14th Jun 2004, 01:59
Darn reskinnable portraits! Now I know why some of those custom objects dont see more use! Oh well, I can find other workarounds instead.