View Full Version : Four Fat Chicks Thief DS Review

13th Jun 2004, 11:49
And no, I'm not drunk. That's the name of the web site. Four Fat Chicks.

Anyway, they write good reviews (as in quality...whether they like the game or think it sucks...they like Thief).

While you're there you should read the Thief Retrospective thingy too (especially if you're new to the Thief universe).

13th Jun 2004, 11:54
What, too hard to provide a link?


13th Jun 2004, 12:13
Heh, thanks.

I just woke up and forgot to post the link. Silly me.:rolleyes:

Skanky Burns
13th Jun 2004, 12:16
Well done. ;)

But thanks for the heads-up.