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13th Jun 2004, 11:20
I'm in the cradle level and my objective is to find information about the hag. The problem is I cannot find anything anywhere...
please help

I've already been to the nursery tower and on the podium is a note, but it has no useful information

13th Jun 2004, 11:27
Look around-
read the other Cradle threads
you have a LOOooooOONG way to go
the Cradle is time consuming and intense

13th Jun 2004, 11:38
Information on the hag can be found in the Nursery Tower at the far end on a podium. I had trouble finding this as well but some of the kind folks of this forum pointed me in the right direction. Enjoy!


13th Jun 2004, 11:45
look in the nursery again

sides this time

13th Jun 2004, 11:57
I'd be extremely thankful for a screenshot

13th Jun 2004, 12:09
back to the cradle?

I don't know- I'll check my saves and let you know;)

13th Jun 2004, 12:46
How long have you played the level, have you completed all other objectives? This is how I did it and it worked out okay. I completed all other objectives, and reached the end of the level before it told me I had to finish my objectives. I don't want to say anything that would spoil the rest of the level for you if you've just started so let me know how many objectives you've done.


13th Jun 2004, 12:49
I've been sneaking through the whole cradle, I think I got rid of every maniac and I have about 90% of the loot (1 special loot).
But I can't find the information

13th Jun 2004, 12:54
What I should have said, was this was the last objective I completed, I'm not sure if this is the way you are supposed to complete it, or that I was able to complete it anyway. If you've completed all objectives apart from this one read the spoiler below, if you haven't don't read it.

Theres an objective where you had to get a toy from one of the patients that lived there to be able to go back in time, in a memory and walk around the Cradle at that time, this is when I was able to complete that objective because I think that the note that completes the objective 'get more info on the old hag' was only there at that time. So if you go to the Nursery tower and avoid all the guards there should be a note on a podium at the far end, this will complete this objective. Hope this helps you :)

13th Jun 2004, 13:03
what girl??? where do I/what do I have to do to encounter it???

13th Jun 2004, 13:08
these are "rough" and quick

3 is a view from the opening, looking to the podium
2 is on the way 'up' the right side of the room
1 shows where to look for the "diary"
This is the information you need.

you must be in the past to do this:D

(sorry they are so dark- I might lighten them later)
the Cradle- shudder

13th Jun 2004, 13:09

you did find the girl, right?

13th Jun 2004, 13:10
tell me please how many objectives you have done?

how were you able to get 90% of the loot and not see the girl? :confused:

13th Jun 2004, 13:15
I'm going to restart the Cradle and see if that's even possible

(more later)

13th Jun 2004, 13:23
Originally posted by hypno
what girl??? where do I/what do I have to do to encounter it???

In the Outer Cradle, you may want to check out the attic...

13th Jun 2004, 13:38
I just did a quick run through the Cradle and

No girl (because I left out an important step on purpose) but I got 49% loot, into the lower areas with no problems and killed some patients.

With a little more time the loot amount would have gone much higher (I hope:D )

boom, Inner Cradle!

13th Jun 2004, 13:43
I pity you Hypno, looks like you have to restart the Cradle. I'm still recovering from the first time I played it. Good Luck!:p ;)

You're a braver man than I!! ;)

13th Jun 2004, 13:50
Originally posted by everlong71

You're a braver man than I!! ;)


Naw, I wasn't going to save that run anyway- I do admit to not really wanting to go though.

I am still shaking from tension- finshed the Cradle very early this morning and honestly had damp palms.

Thank goodness this is the weekend.:D

13th Jun 2004, 15:59
Yes! I've finally made it. Thank you very much for your help, the problem was I didn't take a look at the picture and so nothing happened with the bloodstain. Then I spent the whole time in the inner cradle. I just had to go back and meet the girl!

It's definitly the scariest level in thief, so awesome!

13th Jun 2004, 16:09
Good job Hypno!!:) I'm glad you completed the level, I'm sure you'll agree that the Cradle should only ever be played once! :)