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13th Jun 2004, 07:12
Thief sieres was and is an original idea !! Loking Glass Studios had open door to another tipe of game playing ""The Stealth Games""
For this thing I think Looking Glass Studios should never be forgoten !!!

I think i have an idea about how to put Looking Glass Studios back to business !!! Like the Theif : DS Campaing for editing tools !!! I don't know if this was tried in the past !!! But it seams that its more profitable to do it in the right way !!
So its similar to Thief : DS Campaing for editing tools, with a letter and a 10 $ bill in the letter, to a member of the exLooking Glass Studios so that he could contact the other members !!!
I think 10 $ isn't much !!!!! Well Think If there would be 1.000.000 ppl that will support in that way !!!!!!

EDIT: Last line removed, thread closed.

13th Jun 2004, 12:10
Um. No.

Try reading the pinned thread above about the Thief petition and the letter writing campaign to get the editor released.




The "exLooking Glass People" have ZERO, zip, none, nada control over whether we get an editor for Thief Deadly Shadows.

Only EIDOS has that control. And ION Storm to a lesser extent (or greater if they released them on their own time for free...which would probably get them sued by EIDOS).

13th Jun 2004, 16:19
Hey I didn't said that this is for the Thief 3 editing tools, I said that this is SIMILAR to that campaing!!!
This should be for puting Looking Glass back to business !!! TO bring from the dead the Studio !!!
To give them financial support !!! This is like The Campaing, but is for other puposes, its for UNITING The Looking Glass Studio and MAKE IT ROLLING ANGAIN !!!!!!! After that they would be back on track to make new games for us and other things !!!

For those who want to help me in this idea pls mail me at the mail listed above !!!

13th Jun 2004, 17:25
Yeah! Let's save Looking Glass with a pyramid scheme! Someone delete this thread. Good grief.

13th Jun 2004, 17:48
That's nice. We could also buy Lucasarts and make them continue with Sam and Max, and while we're at it why don't we all go to the Duke Nukem Forever (in development) studios and whip them till they do something.

P.S. You cannot spell.

13th Jun 2004, 17:49
Double post. Sorry

13th Jun 2004, 18:42
Shadow please REMOVE your post on the sdk stickied thread at the top of this msg board or Im going to report you to a moderator if they havent seen it already. I dont know about other taffers, but Im rather touchy when it comes to things that might affect getting any type of sdk/level editor/ect. out of Eidos. You even stated that it was only LIKE the level editor request, so please remove it. You can carry on your own campaign for money in your own thread.