View Full Version : Mission Order

13th Jun 2004, 07:07
Can anyone that has finished the game, and remembers, list the order of the missions from first to last? I would like to gauge where I'm at in the game (as well as to see how close i am to the dreaded cradle i've read all about).

13th Jun 2004, 08:12
Don't remember the order-
I dread replaying the Cradle at another level or with different tactics. I'm glad it is in the game as it explains much but I truly dread going back.

Take a full supply of fire arrows and explosion bombs.
Go slow and careful.
Pay careful attention to any 'verbal' instructions:D

Don't have a cup of anything spillable in your (real life) hand (keyboard death).

Take breaks if need be-

Turn the sound yup as much as you can stand- you need that audio input:p